My fellow murder mystery junkie, I’ve got your alibi!

Experiences are always fun to talk about, right? Let’s do a quick refreshing. Adventure, gut-wrenching, adrenaline gush. Try to map these three words to a single entity. Your mind, involuntarily would picture the obvious risk driven bungee jumping or skiing or other such outdoor activities. What if I told you, all I can picture is a cozy couch and a cup of steaming coffee? This sounds calm, not dangerous, you may think. But beware, a good murder mystery or a thriller book clutched within your hold, can shake the living hell out of you!

What happens physically when reading a murder mystery?

Without moving an ounce of your flesh, you get to experience a whirl wind of emotions. Reading a thriller book gives you the best experience. These sort of books give us a unique sensation that books of other genres can never do. They are all packed with suspense, waiting to burst within the hands that  pick them. Let me explain you what happens when you reach the core of a thriller book:

The back of our throat wanting to fill with bile, our stomach flutters, lungs struggle to get more air, our heart racing at a tremendous 120 km/hr. speed. Amidst all this, our brain trying to declutter the plethora of meaning underlying in a single sentence while at the same time, convincing our body that we our still positioned at our room’s couch, not on a wild goose chase of a psychopath of our imaginative, yet so realistic world.

Huh, I am gasping for air for just typing this out!

In addition to the chaos and turmoil bubbling inside, we can actually feel our hands go numb and our spine getting chilled. Its absolute wonder that a mere combination of 26 alphabets of a language can give you such trills. It is an amalgamation of so many things: excitement, terror, horror and what not?


Apart from the train of random feelings, and a rollercoaster of emotions, these books actually provide a deep unfathomable impact and realization of the complexity of life. There exists a beautiful word in English for explaining this feeling and from the moment I heard it, I fell in love with it. Sonder.

sonder meaning

Sonder: Meaning


Movie or book?

Many a times, you may argue that a movie adaptation of a thriller book can give you the same experience. Let me tell you, you will miss one major escapade which can be experienced only by reading books, and not visually seeing a movie adaptation of the same.

When we see a movie, we do not give our brain enough time to contemplate what is going on. We adapt to the perspective of the director instead of developing our own. But when reading about the vivid description of a place, or about the character build, our brain gives life to the book. It tries to imagine the place, gives a face to the character and adsorbs the essence of the scene. This virtualization becomes impossible when we watch a movie as that work is already being done for us.

The good and evil within
Good and Evil

Good and Evil

Thriller books and murder mystery books keep us guessing about the suspects and without our knowledge, our mind penetrates into the mindsets of both the protagonist and into that of the villain. This introduces us into the duality of the human mind. We astonishingly try to relate with the good and the bad simultaneously. We try to seek justice for the light and the dark, putting us in a unique juxtaposition.

We are like water, taking the form of whatever we are poured into. It is up to us to stay true to who we are and lead our life absorbing the positive vibes only. So apart from the unique experience, thriller books also convey a beautiful truth about life, good needs evil to survive. Without mistrust, you will not grasp onto faith. Without rain, you will not appreciate the sun. So put your faith in the right things, lead your life with happiness. My dear fellow crime junkie, I’ve got your alibi (Wink).

Good and bad is not black and white but a million shades of grey.