A love quote!


We,the people are surrounded by love.Love is everywhere around and means to be everything.The first true love we witnessed is the mother love which is unexpected in return,meant to be only giving…lucky are the ones who get! Everyone in their life has one person who is meant to be their whole world!That person has the key to our all kind of emotions.When we have met them for the first time,we wouldn’t have been realised that they gonna be this important to us!But later we do.

We used to care them,accepting their flaws,always worrying and thinking about their safety and welfare,being a needy support,always wanted to hear their voice and to be with them,used to say sorry first though it’s not our fault,having belief and hopes on them,doing each &everything for them with care, valuing their feelings and respect them,giving often chances to rectify their mistakes,getting refreshed with a smile on their face,making them feel better,feeling liberal,wanting to share everything, accepting &loving them as they are,trying our level best to keep them happy always,not even a single day passes without thinking about….And moreover loving them unconditionally!

The moment when we feel that magic, when we have really started exploring ourselves,finding ourselves to be a newly flourished one,freshly born again…..the day when we fall in love with them despite their flaws,when they become only our dreams,feels extremely difficult to forget& hard while missing them,being true to them,when they made you feel contented and serene,who knows us like they know their soul….

The moment when we just know that we will never be able to replace them if they left,when we used to sacrifice everything for them unintentionally,when we afraid of losing them and not even think to go to the extreme end,the moment when we never used to give up on them…that moment when we realize that we have been already changed and started dedicating our lives to them,when we blindly believe that-in them lies happiness,under their palm lies our world, everything within them…..ask yourself,who’s that one person? For whom we have been changed this a lot? On finding our answer we might come to know about that one person of our life!

With whom we are connected deeply and soulfully!It takes someone really special to make us smile with tears in our eyes.The greatest gift is the time we give ,we are giving our portion of life that we’ll never get back. We cannot see the beautiful things,it must be felt by our whole heart!

Love is a hidden treasure,we never know we have it until someone special explore &reveals it. Love is all about only giving,love is where ,our heart is.