Should smoking be prohibited?

Smoking is one of the greatest killers of mankind in the present day world. It causes various diseases like asthma, lung cancer, bronchitis and leads to millions of untimely deaths annually all over the world. But still people become its slave. To create awareness of its harmful effects, statutory warnings like “Smoking is injurious to health” is displayed in every cigarette packet and hoarding advertising for cigarettes.

The problem of smoking has to be viewed from different angles. Banning of smoking by legislation will not only remove this potential source of health hazard but also result in useful monetary savings to the consumers. But this will have an adverse effect on the economy. The entire tobacco industry will have to be closed down, throwing large number of people into unemployment. Government also will lose substantially in excise revenues.

The situation creates a vicious circle in which millions of people are killed by an industry that supports another few millions for their economic survival. But life is certainly more precious. Attempt should, therefore, be made to ban smoking in stages. People dependent on tobacco industry for their livelihood are to be provided with alternative means for economic support.

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