Countries where Indians can travel without visa

There are several countries where Indians are not required to have a visa to travel. A total of 58 countries allow you a visa-free travel with your Indian passport.


Indians travelling to Indonesia can go visa-free for 30 days. If the duration of travel is more than 30 days Indians can apply for visa after their arrival in Indonesia.


Citizens of India don’t need a visa in advance to travel to Ecuador. The facility of visa-free stay here for Indians is of duration of 90 days. The travelers, though, need to carry their financial documents and passport with a validity of 6 months along with their return ticket and travel insurance.


Indian citizens can stay upto 30 days visa-free in Serbia from the date of entry within a year. A stay exceeding the mentioned duration would require a temporary residence permit.


Indian citizens can travel visa-free for 30 days in Montserrat without a tourist visa.


Indians can stay visa-free in Macau given the stay should not exceed 30 days. Visitors are required to ensure their passport validity upto 6 months from the date of visit.


You don’t need a visa to travel, work and reside permanently in Svalbard.


Indians don’t need to have a visa to stay in Nepal. However, it is important to register to the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu after a stay of 6 months.


Haiti doesn’t ask for a tourist visa to Indian travelers who can live upto 90 days there. All non-Haitian traveler are, though, required to pay a tourist fee of 10USD on arrival and validate their passports of 6 months validity from the date of arrival.

>Turks and Caicos 

A tourist visa is not needed to travel to Turks and Caicos. All you need is a valid visa for entry and exit. 


Indian visitors can travel to Jamaica visa-free for upto 30 days. A stamp on the passport by the immigration officer on arrival acts as a tourist visa for Indians.