Working from home – its disadvantages

Covid 19 pandemic hit the globe unprepared – and then we were forced to transition into the working from home setups. Not being able to physically meet at the workplace, we’ve started to accept having get-togethers and meeting via online video communications platforms. Though we have to accept that the work-from-home scenario has helped in a lot of ways, especially in connecting people from different parts of the globe and connecting them when they were not able to physically travel because of the lockdown. Despite all its advantages, we will have to agree that working from home isn’t equal to the earlier times when we worked inside the office premises. Like every coin has two sides, along with its pros, working from home has its disadvantages. Let’s have at look at them –

  1. A lesser balance between work and personal life – When working from the office it’s easier to strike a balance between work and personal life – mostly once you left the office building you didn’t engaged in office work again till the next day. But now with work from home – we find ourselves always busy on a work call even later than office hours. With the physical transition of traveling to the office missing, the line between our work and personal life is also blurred.
  2. Lack of social life and feeling isolated – Not getting to meet our colleagues face to face, lesser social and human interaction end up making us feel isolated. More than half of the people have also reported increased loneliness because of working from home.
  3. Decreased motivation levels – You would generally make efforts to wake up early and look presentable while you were travelling to office every day. On the contrary, when at home we might just laze around in our pajamas all day, maybe sleep in the time we earlier used to dress up and get ready. This decreases our motivation, and we are generally less interested in the X-factor in the day – as the routine is pretty much the same each day.
  4. Lack of teamwork- Evidence finds that working from home can have negative effects on our thinking abilities as a team. When physically together, it’s easier to collate the brilliant ideas from each person in the team, help each other, and build rapport with the members. These seem to be missing when the only mode of communication for the team virtual.
  5. Presence of domestic distractions – Working from home has added difficulties, including the distractions from our home and the surroundings. Maybe you have someone in your family watching the TV in in front of you, or your children are demanding your time when you are in the middle of an important meeting. These distractions are absent while you are on the office premises which is designed in a way to let you work at your highest level of productivity.
  6. Decreased productivity and increased coordination costs – A study has shown that even though the number of hours worked while working from home has increased post the pandemic, the productivity levels have decreased. Extra efforts have to be made for the communication, coordination, and collaboration between the team in the virtual setting – affecting the productivity levels of the employees.

Though being safe and at home is definitely the priority right now, I’m sure most of us can’t wait to get back to our offices once the pandemic is over. Even with the few cons of working from home, we cannot be less appreciative of it and how it has let us to continue working in these difficult times.

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