People Who Live Without Dreams. Insights of the people who don't have… | by  Vinod Sharma | Live Your Life On Purpose | Medium

“History has proven that those who dare to imagine the impossible are the ones who break all humans limitations”

Your dream is the reason for the way you are. Your dream is not a coincidence. Your dream IS who you are. You SHOULD pursue it. Your dream gives you a sense of meaning and purpose, and drives you on into your chosen future. Your dream IS the meaning of your life.

Every person dreams to become something, to do something, to make the name of his parents and family proud with pride.
Some dreams are fulfilled and some remain unfulfilled, but this does not mean that you could not achieve anything in life. A human being should try their best with all dedication, whatever the outcome may be.

In the Bhagavad Geeta, Lord Krishna has given the same instruction that a person should do his work without worrying about the result. 

Everything teaches us something, whether it is a success or whether it is a failure. On one hand, where success gives us courage that if anything is done with a true mind then nothing is difficult and on the other hand, failure teaches us to be patient and persistent. A man should learn from his mistakes because there is no better teacher than mistakes. No effort ever goes in vain, with every effort made we get a new experience that helps us to move forward. This life is a school where a person learns at every step. The process of learning goes on till a person dies. Difficulties come in life to make us move forward, to make us strong. We should not be afraid of difficulties and should face them boldly.

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Everyone should dream and try their best to fulfill them. Every effort made moves us towards our destination. In order to fulfill dreams, one should be patient and must have believe that you will do something good in life, it is very important to have this kind of attitude in the achievement of your goals. It is not necessary that you get success in the first attempt, sometimes a person has to make continuous efforts. I know all these things are easy to say but it feels like a shock.

 The more you pursue your dreams, the more exciting your life becomes.
God is going to use you in ways you never imagined possible. And the only side effect is: feeling GOOD! 

So, here are some ways which can help to make your dreams fulfilled :

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  • Stay motivated
  • Keep remembering your goal
  • Reward yourself
  • Take some breaks
  • Stay among people with positive mindset
  • Don’t hesitate to make mistakes