There are many materials that are used to support life on earth and meet our needs called Natural resources.
E.g.Oil, coal, natural gas, metals, stone sand, air, sunlight, soil and water. Animals, birds, fish and plants are also natural resources
Types of natural resources:-
There are many ways to classify natural resources. On the basis of the resource availability and and its uses natural resources are classified into two types.They are as follows:
Renewable Natural Resources: The resources that are present in unlimited quantities and can be replenished naturally or can be sustained over a short period of time are called renewable natural resources. E.g., air, water, sunlight, soil, biomass, geothermal.
Non-renewable Natural Resources: The natural substances that are present in limited supplies and these are not replenished with the speed at which it is consumed. It is a finite resource. E.gFossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas.
We are using natural resources endlessly everyday. Explosion of population is causing overexploitation of natural resources and with little or no care is being taken to conserve them. Therefore natural resources are depleting to meet the needs of a huge population. However, we need to understand that natural resources are finite. Even to meet the population’s needs , renewable resources are not getting enough time to replenish . Thus, we can even wonder what the condition of non-renewable resources might be. So we can say that this depletion of natural resources is quite harmful to the earth and its inhabitants.
Impact of depletion of natural resources:
Minerals are being used rapidly as we need it for almost everything from housing to business. Thus, a major decline in these minerals like coal, copper etc are being noticed. If we do not conserve them completely, one day we will run out of all of them.

Similarly, the oil reserves are also running out. We won’t be able to produce more oil and thus we won’t get any petroleum. The prices will increase and many economies will crumble due to this lack of resources.

Similarly, the rate of cutting of forests is increasing day by day. Cutting down the Aarey forest in Mumbai is a major example. The damage caused as a result of this deforestation is quite dangerous. This will increase the carbon dioxide levels and alter the water cycle on earth. The day is very near when we will face frequent floods and soil erosion which will decrease our biodiversity.

Most importantly, the way of wasting water needs to be checked right away. Many countries are facing a water crisis and we know that life is impossible without water. The farmers won’t get enough water for irrigation. This results in famine and many more deadly consequences. We must not waste these resources.We should always find ways to prevent the depletion of natural resources.

There are many ways by which we can prevent the depletion of natural resources. The ways are as follows:-
We should reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. This can be done by stopping wastage of electricity. We should try to use carpool with your neighbors or relative and travel public transport instead.
We should stop polluting water. The freshwater bodies are running out of clean water. We must organize cleanliness drives to clean the water of these bodies. We must not let the tap run for a long time. The industries must be banned from dumping their toxic waste into the water. Furthermore, we must stop taking long showers and bath using a bucket
The most important thing is we should plant more trees and preserve our existing forests. We must not let anyone to cut down. They are a very important natural resource needed for human survival. We must use less paper to avoid cutting down of trees. We can all come together and prevent this depletion of natural resources because this depletion of natural resources is very harmful for our future.
Thus depletion of natural resources can have a very harmful consequences in future so from now onwards we must start to preserve all of them.

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