Covid-19: let’s see what’s going to be.

Some experts are also with the opinion that it could become the dominant strain in most of the parts of the world.

Okay, let’s keep this aside but do you think that this unlock would give us the better results, I’m neutral here as, the economy of the India is important I know it’s important but the lives of our Indians is the most important thing. Giving it a basic trail if you’ve have heard about those individuals and who were so happily living their lives who used to sing, dance, cook and etc etc. But after a few days they were no more you might heard it from your parents from your relatives from your friends that, that particular guy isn’t here with us he/she died due to covid and even when they were treated with the best medicines, from our best doctors but we all know from where does it started so let me tell you being careless about this pandemic would make you sit on the bed, so let me tell you my experience around 5-6 days ago me and my friend we were going for a morning walk and he removed his mask saying that he’s strong he won’t be having covid. I mean guys we have to be honest with ourselves that are we giving our best ladies and gentlemen please take care of yourselves:

Make sure you are wearing a proper mask.

Make sure you are washing your hands.

Make sure you are done with your doses (vaccination)

Make sure you are not going outside without any need.

Make sure you and your family are safe. And our nation is your family too.

Take care of yourselves covid is not gone yet.