The best phase of human life is childhood. It is the most innocent phase of our life. In this stage human foundations are laid for successful adult life. In this phase we spend the most cosy, carefree and tension free lifestyle. We pass our time by playing, and leading a tensionless fun life. But there are many children who spend their life supporting themselves instead of spending it in a carefree and fun-loving manner because for them learning and playing are scared and tormented. They are controlled & tortured by others.

They want to get out from this dark world but they are forced to stay in this world. This is the true story of the child labour. Child labour is term that we all heard about in news or in movies.

Child labour is a crime. In some underprivileged families who are suffering from poverty, children are forced to work from a very early age to support themselves economically because they expect their kids to take responsibilities of working and provide food for them.
Industries and individuals take the advantage of their poverty and employ children to put them to work at very low payables.

They are forced to work for long hours in dangerous factories. Sometimes they are forced to carry heavy loads that weigh even more than their body weight.

Then comes some individuals’ who hire children in their house for domestic help. They are so rude that when the children make a single mistake they beat them and torture them physically.

Those children do not get proper food to eat or clothes to wear. Sometimes they are made to starve and given worn-out clothes to wear. This is the story of many children who are suffering in this cruel world.
The average age for a child to be appropriate to work is considered 15 years or more, below this age limit won’t be allowed to indulge in any work forcefully.
Child labour takes away the kid’s opportunity of having a normal childhood a proper education and physical and mental wellbeing in some countries. It is illegal, but still now it is practiced in many countries.

The main reasons for the ever-growing child labour are poverty and lack of education.
The parents think that their children are money-making machines. To earn more money by getting sympathy from other people they carry infants on the street begging.
Then when they grow up, they take them and eventually sell them to employers.This is a sickness that is rampant across the length and breadth of India
But other than poverty and lack of education, many other reasons are also responsible for child labour.
Firstly, it is common in those countries where unemployment is more than poverty. When the families are unable to earn enough money to support their lifestyle they put the children to work so they can have enough money to survive.
At the same place if the adults
are unemployed. The younger ones have to go to work. When people are illiterate then it is very common that they will send their children to work. This is because being uneducated all they care about is short term results due to which they send children to work even if the earning is less to survive their present . This destroys the future of children. They also remain uneducated and later after growing up when they start their own family they repeat the same thing as their parents did i.e., sending their children to work at an early age.


India is in the second-highest number of child labour after Africa.
The worst employment bfir children is bonded child labour which is also known as slavery for lifetime.
Indian Parliament passed an act on the bonded labour system in 1976 but in spite of this act people still keep on practicing this system. It is estimated that almost 10millions children are victims of the bonded child labour. They work as domestic servants in India. Apart from India, almost 55 millions of children are hired across the world for bonded child labour.
The children are sold to money lenders as a payment of the money borrowed by their parents which they failed to return.
Children living in streets, instead of going to school, work in streets as a beggar, or selling flowers. This also is an example of child labour of different category. They are made to stay without eating food for many days so that people feel sad for them and give some.
Nowadays child labour couples who abuses child has become one of the greatest maladies across the world.
Every year the number of child abuse increases especially in the case of the girl child.This usually happens when someone abuses a girl at home, then to hide this fact her family sell her to an employer or money lenders as domestic help or the girl gets married to a man older than her age.

To eradicate child labour we should formulate some efficient solutions which will save our children. The future of other countries dealing with these social issues will also get enhanced. With the help of this one can create several unions that work to prevent child labour solely. It would help the children to indulge in this work and punish those who make them do it.
Stakeholders must take responsibility
Increased access to education
Provide support for children
Improve economic growth
Engage with the Sustainable Development Goals

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