Guidelines to choose your career-for final year and pre-final year students

” I have no problem with starting from scratch” – Leif Garrett

The age 20-25 is quite confusing age of our lives. Everyone will have an inner voice which is constantly interrogating us a set of questions like , ” What are my interests?” , “Which is the field I can excel on?” , “How can I bring the best out of myself?”. Never be terrified by these questions. These are questions which will make you streamline your career path.

During the pre-final year and final times , we all will start to have a fear of future and will begin to recognize the practical aspects of life. The pressure could be due to college placements, peer discussions and expectations of our families. Never make any of these external factors influence your career choice.

The first step in order to identify the career path which best suits you is to know about your interests and skillsets. Write down three important interests of yours which may or may not relate to the stream of your study. Figure out what are the skill sets you have in those interests which could fetch you a job. In case if you have no skillsets in those fields refer to the career sites and find out what are the skill expectations for those roles.

The second step is to understand the industry. In the initial days of our college, we all would have had fun unaware of a world outside which is developing at a rapid phase . Start learning about what’s happening around you. Recognize the fields which are blooming and categorize those which attract you. List down the skills which are anticipated in those fields.

The third and most important step is to write down all the fields , interests and skillsets you have figured out in steps one and two. Write down your short term and long term goals which align with your interests. Narrow down to 2 fields which allure you and make you move forward towards your long term goals.

“We cannot become what we want to be , by remaining what we are” – Max DePree

Kick start your learning phase by acquiring skills and mastering them which attribute to revamp your profile. Make sure you update your profile regularly on career sites like LinkedIn which provides you the opportunity of networking. Never be petrified by the fear of perfection during the learning phases because,

“Continuous Improvement is better than Delayed Perfection” – Mark Twain.