All that has been lost in the pandemic

We are almost over with the second wave, but we humans as a community have lost so much to the pandemic. It almost feels like the silence after the storm, when all the buildings, trees have collapsed but you are standing there helpless, staring at the damage and destruction that has been caused by this storm named pandemic. We still haven’t recovered from the scars of the 2 waves of covid and there is another wave lurking around the corner, and who knows the devastation it may bring about, although I hope it does not cause any more loss.

The second wave saw deaths at a larger rate than the previous wave, there was not a single night where there was no sound of an ambulance wheezing to save a single life.

The sad part is that many of the people who their lives might have been healthy if not for covid, they might not have had any health complications but still lost their life. Young people, too, have lost their lives in this pandemic.

We will eventually come out of this pandemic but at what cost? For many of us, it won’t even matter if the pandemic ends, after losing loved ones. But this where we should try to understand that now, after losing a life which was so dear to you might feel like “does it matter now that the cases are coming down, that deaths are occurring less and less day by day?” But still, we must realize that there are many more lives that need to be kept safe. The pain of losing a dear one will not pass away easily and when your kids will be reading about the pandemic, in the future, in their books, that memory will come alive again.

Many other things have also been lost, many people have lost their jobs, they have not been able to feed their family and themselves. Many students who were looking for employment lost their chances due to this pandemic. We have lost our normal routines, it feels like a lifetime when we went out for dinners and movies, we now miss even a regular day at schools and colleges.

But the bottom line is, life will go on no matter what, people will eventually forget that you had lost someone during the pandemic, they will move on. You will have to deal with this yourself, and we cannot blame them because everybody has to get on with their lives, so take time your time, sit back and reflect. Let the grief enter your mind and heart, feel it completely, cry, and when you let it sink in completely, then maybe you will be able to detach yourself from that feeling, although you can never forget it, it may help you. This detachment theory was something I read in the book “Tuesdays with Morrie”. We all must hope that the third wave does not bring with it any more destruction or better it does not come at all.