Smart Ways Of Writing With Keyla- The Laptop!

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“If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.”

  • George Orwell

Today’s article features Keyla – The Laptop who shall be explaining The Smart Ways Of Writing. Good Morning Folks! This is Keyla. I am currently a renowned medium for the writing process. I understand that most of the ancient mediums of writing are depressed due to their extinction because of me. I apologize for that, from the core of my heart. However, it’s not our fault if people find writing on us, an easier task! It totally is based on the perspective of people who have regarded us deeply. I also admit that the digital medium involving me, doesn’t make writing a merrier process. Yes! That’s true. But, as I stated, the human perspective is something that gets into the way!

Anyway, since humans are glued to the digital medium and their love for me won’t diminish (is what I think, until some other medium doesn’t turn up ;)), I am here to explain the smart ways of writing easily without burdening yourself! So, I will be explaining that in a step by step approach!

Love The Writing Process!

A simple way is to love the process and admire the lengthy write ups! Writing long stories shouldn’t make you feel sleepy. If that is so, then you must avoid writing, because only a sound person, ecstatic regarding the process, can compose a good story.

Jot Down Those Ideas!

Every time you feel an idea pass through your mind, the sensible thing to do is to jot it down promptly before you lose sight of it! These ideas can prove helpful in composing good content!

Write In A Speech Format!

When you write, ensure that your content is interactive and not merely descriptive. Innovative content is much more interesting, than descriptions with facts! In short, address the readers and make them feel one with your content! Let them feel as if they are enjoying this conversation with you!

Write, When You Feel Like It!

Mood factor plays an important role in the writing process, so write only when you have the proper mood and stable state of mind to make the task interesting!

Write In Bits!

If you have a large amount of content to write, then you are free to work on it, in bits. Don’t try to write it in a single day, as it may stress you out and then disrupt the writing mood! However, if you are a huge writing fan and just can’t wait to read your completed story, and feel that you are well enough to write in a single day, then you are free to do so! The only thing that matters is that your mood remains intact.

Gobble Down Certain Interesting Words Or Facts Mentioned In Other Books!

There is an exception to this rule! You must read a lot here! Only when you read, can you write after all! Try reading all sorts of novels that would contain some interesting ideas which could be highlighted in your book! Don’t worry! Copyright issues aren’t prevalent here! 😉 That is what makes writing an interesting task. The more you read other works, the more you learn. You do not get blamed for copying. Instead, you get admired for learning whenever you read!

Write Frequently!

In order to not feel burdened for writing huge content later, make sure to practice writing frequently. After all, practice makes perfect, doesn’t it.

Imagine Your Content And The Story It Poses!

Try imagining all that you write. This makes it extremely easier to frame your content because you yourself feel lost in the process. So, an important thing to do is, not only make the readers, but also make yourself one with the process!

Thus, Lastly, I would conclude stating that the smartest way of writing is creating your own imaginative world and getting lost in that, visualizing yourself as a part of the story and getting one into that. So, write with love and utmost devotion. Have the power to get into that world you just created through your content!

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Thank You For Your Time, Keyla!