The word sustainable means able to retain at the minimum possible with best results and also helps the mother earth heal. Sustainability is a vast concept and is generally a long term process when it comes to results. Sustainable practices preached in day to day life helps one achieve long term goals. 

Such is the concept of SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION.The increasing pollution in day to day life is a major example of why sustainable transport should be an important goal of the people of the 21st century. The daily consumption of petrol and diesel by various vehicles, excessive carbon monoxide emissions, contribution to global warming, noise pollution are some of the reasons among so many more that deplete the earth’s natural resources and increase health problems. 

The only option of change is to switch to a more healthier, quick, effective and also less resource consumption way; In the fast pacing life of people where every two among three people own a car in urban areas, it is important that sustainable alternatives not only add value to human’s time but are effective at the same time. 

Here are my vision of some eco-friendly, sustainable and intelligent choice :

 To start with first is TO WALK, walk for the short trip and avoid your vehicle when possible. This won’t only help nature heal but also can make one lose weight if practiced regularly, also it will make you feel closer to the greenery around and you won’t need to wait in long traffic queues or find a parking spot when you arrive. 

Next on my list would be to CYCLE, if you switch a cycle from your bus, train or bike journey, this will help to reduce the emission of around hundred kilograms of greenhouse gases. It will help lose more calories in every round of your travel and the fresh air is complimentary with every trip. 

If it’s not possible for you to travel without a vehicle, choose more eco-friendly ones. One of the best options can be CARPOOLING, it is a way of sharing a vehicle for a bunch of people destined for the same place. It helps save fuel and the hassle of parking. Additionally it adds company for your journey and lesser cars on the road. 

The next time you are planning to go for a trip, go for some EXPLORE PLACES AROUND your residence, you never know there are so many around your place. Unplanned trips are amazing and the best  when not harming nature. It helps save fuel and energy, decreases pollution and helps one feel more close to nature and experience unknown places. 

There are a lot other ways too and everyday there is a new find by so many humans.GREEN TRANSPORTATION is a choice and every being should choose it as a responsible citizen. Choosing these means to travel helps the earth heal at its maximum and makes the air pure. SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION should be followed everywhere and by everyone as much as possible.

The Need of The society!