Windows 11 and What holds for microsoft in 2021 and beyond

Microsoft will hold the Windows event dubbed as ‘what’s next of windows’ on Thursday, June 24. After the alleged leak of Windows 11 developer build on the internet, it begs the question, what is Microsoft going to reveal on June 24? Because if rumors are true, Microsoft will officially announce Windows 11 to be the successor of windows.


Many were surprised after hearing about the news of a Windows event. Apparently, in 2015 one of the Microsoft senior spokespeople told that Windows 10 would be the last version of windows. Many assumed that Microsoft will continuously update windows as a service. But this doesn’t seem to be true anymore. It’s hard to believe but windows 10 is almost 7 years old now. Windows 10 has seen major overhauls and many major updates throughout its lifespan. But this has been proven as a double-edged sword for Microsoft since its launch in 2015. Microsoft has also updated the end of support date for Windows 10 to June 2015 which confirms that Windows 10 is not the last version of Windows after all. After Microsoft disbanded its in-house testing team in favor of the Windows 10 update service where users participate in the testing phase (Windows insider program). This new method of update delivery has been problematic and many users’ Windows PCs were marred with bugs and broken functionalities. It seems that updating Windows operating system is not as easy as Android, Mac OS, or iOS. The legacy platforms and enterprise business that Microsoft has to support have always kept Windows progress at a snail’s pace. Microsoft cannot radically change the interface or remove its functionalities as many legacy software still relies on those functionalities. The leak version has the start button in the middle of the taskbar and it looks more like the Mac OS taskbar now. Thankfully it can also be changed back to the left corner like the previous versions. There is also a separate search button and new icons and it looks like that Windows is leaving behind the flat design language.


The leaked build of Windows is not drastically different from the current version of Windows 10 but many experts believe that the leaked version is most probably the UX team build and there will be a lot more than Microsoft will unveil in the event. The leak was indirectly acknowledged by Microsoft and indicated that ‘This is just the start. There is a possibility that the Windows 11 or Windows Sun Valley or whatever they will call it, will be an incremental update and Windows 10 users could update free of charge. But we cannot be sure as of yet until the official event.

Satya Nadella and Panos Panay will be present at the event to unveil Windows 11 features and capabilities on Thursday. The Microsoft store could also get an overhaul and there is also a good probability of support for ARM processors and the support for upcoming Intel’s new Big little architecture. There will be an overhaul in the the system sounds and UI and new animations. All these are still speculations and we will have to wait will the official announcement by Microsoft themselves.