In the past few decades, our lifestyle has witnessed a momentous change. This transformation has put a significant strain on our dental health.

Oral health is the most neglected area of our overall health. It is a common misconception that brushing twice a day would keep all dental problems at bay. That is why most people do not know about others ways of dental care.

Oral health directly affects our overall health and quality of life. Our mouth is the threshold of our inner body. Every germ or bacteria that enter our body comes through our oral space. Therefore, to keep our body as fit as a fiddle we must ensure that our oral health is at par.

Most people consider tooth decay to be the only dental problem. However, there exist several dental problems that people must know.
The other dental health problems include:



Tooth decay primarily happens due to unhealthy eating habits. Cavities or tooth decay are the areas in the tooth that have been decayed and have formed holes in them.
It happens when food, acids, or bacteria form a coating on your teeth called plaque. These acids start to eat away the enamel and the underlying tissue. If neglected it can permanently damage your teeth.


It is the most common problem people suffer all over the world. It is also caused by unhealthy eating habits. Consumption of tobacco, alcohol, or even smoking can lead to discoloration of the teeth.


Gingivitis is referred to as the inflammation of the gums. It occurs through the formation of plaque on one’s teeth due to poor dental hygiene.
Symptoms of Gingivitisincludes swollen and reddened gums. It also causes bleeding from the gums while brushing or flossing. If the disease is left untreated it leads to periodontitis, a more serious gum disease.


Most of us have the habit of tearing and breaking things from our teeth. This sometimes causes the shedding of a part of the tooth.
A chipped tooth is categorized under the number 1 type of tooth injury. It is mainly caused by biting hard substances, or conditions like bruxism. It might also be caused due to accidents.


This problem is also very common among people. Misaligned or crooked teeth cause jaw pain. This misalignment can also lead the food debris to get stuck in between the teeth and cause a dental problem.

So these were some other dental problems that need serious attention and treatment.