Is it the end or the begining of new era.

“Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well.” ~

Jack Kornfield

Life is not always meant to fill with bliss and happiness . It also has its demon and darkness . And we are unable to understand the consequences that can be happen in future .

This is what we are facing now and it’s popularity is all over the world . Well well .. we all met the celebrity i.e., known as “ CORONA VIRUSE ”

Yes yes I know how much amazed we all were when we get to know about it . The excitement leads to the death of 1/4 of a population . Let’s move on from the gossip girls .

“But you are involved in the world, and your actions have consequences for other people, and if you don’t recognize that, then that’s the supreme kind of cruelty. Everyone shares someone else’s fate to some extent.” ~

Malcolm Bradbury

Like a gentle men he is . Malcolm has distracted us from the main theory that is “ Every action has equal and opposite reaction ”

From the past decades , census has been directly pointing out the deterioration in Nature . It leads to the extinction of wild life . More than one million of species had been reportedly facing problem and extinct .

So what do you think . Is it a revenge that nature is taking in the form of corona virus ?


Is it a lesson to the human kind for playing with the nature ?

Well in both questions we get one thing clearly that is human kind has to pay .

Based on the report by WHO more than 3.3 million people died due to COVID19 in January . Their are “excess death” of people which caused mass havoc in the mind of the people all over the world .

So where were we virus , death , human kind , extinction . Ohh yeah now I remember we were talking about the hate of nature for human beings . Ops , sorry . Don’t mind sometimes I just flow with sentiments .

Well , yeah we were talking about the devastation in the human world by nature .

I am not a socialist or a misanthrope . I loved nature as much as you do . But what we didn’t understand is that how much we hurt our environment . And when we come to the realisation .

It’s being like OJO run his lovely Siren on MOJO . What , who is Siren . Siren is OJO’s favourite truck . Yeah I know I am very funny .

Reality hits us with the truck in the form of COVID .

I really do talk about COVID in this editorial rather than I used in my daily life .

We need to recreate our life in the form that It will not harm the nature . I know it’s a tough time to speak about this but until we will not stop ourselves for our wrong doing . It will come back to us and hit it with the force that no human kind can protect themselves from the destruction.

Embrace a new perspective.

Let move together to the new world where we can live with nature

This given editorial is written under one’s perspective. I am not judging anyone’s decision . You have youern own perspective and i am standing with that .