You’ll end up with whom you are supposed to be,

doing what you love,

living a life you’ve always desired

Everything will fall into place

Patience is the key.

This is the first thought that dawns upon my mind every single morning. Every day I remind myself that whatever happens today will happen for a reason. Don’t stress over things that are beyond your control. Rather than resisting and fighting just stop struggling. Unhook yourself from every situation or person or experience that is holding you back.

Recently I read a book by Mark Manson named ‘the subtle art of not giving a f**k’. There is a paragraph in the book which hit me hard and I realized how true it was, ‘When “real traumatic shit” happens in our lives, we begin to unconsciously feel as though we have problems that we’re incapable of ever solving. And this assumed inability to solve our problems causes us to feel miserable and helpless.
But it also causes something else to happen. If we have problems that are unsolvable, our
unconscious figures that we’re either uniquely special or uniquely defective in some way.’

You know what things fall apart, bad things happens and the one who refuses to surrender in those situations is the real hero. There is a lot of stress out there and giving up on yourself will not help in reducing it.

Life is full of challenges. If you surrender then there shall be no opportunity left to grow. You look at your friend’s life and feel that he has it easy but what you don’t know are the struggles he went through to reach at this stage of his/her life. And the struggle does not there, life is an uphill battle it rarely ‘comes easy’. Instead of looking at other’s blessings, one should be grateful for the life they have. There are a lot of people who desire what you have and this thought should be enough to make you feel grateful for everything good in your life.

There will be moments in your life when you feel dejected but those are the moments that make you stronger. When big things fall apart, all you have to do is appreciate the smaller things in life and just be patient. Adopting this outlook won’t stop negative events from occurring, but it may help prevent us from over-emphasising their importance in our lives.

Someone once said, “Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow – that is patience.”

Being patient won’t make life easier but it will definitely guide you and help you find a way out of the tough situations you might face. We have often heard, “God has a plan”, let’s trust the plan for once. Let’s stop overanalyzing things, let’s be at content with what we have and let’s just work towards achieving our personal goals and patiently wait for God’s plan to unfold.

I would like to end it with a Greek proverb, “One minute of patience, ten years of peace.” This should be the motto.  

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