A journey – A metaphor

What does this sojourn really mean?

You embark on a journey knowing the destination inclusive of tribulations and rewards enroute, and chart out a plan accordingly. When destiny devices digressions from the plan, you adjust your sails and navigate in the directions of the wind. You realize as you sail, that the tides have been high and low; the sea and the weather, unpredictable; making the journey more challenging. The expedition keeps unfolding immeasurable joy and inexplicable pain as you are completely unaware of destiny’s disposition. At times, the turbulent waves rock your confidence to sail further and at times, the placid tides rock your mast gently to keep you afloat. The sea is sometimes fierce with thunderstorms, and the tilted sideways push you overboard, but sometimes calm and quiet, and the lucid sky above lulls you. The journey, invariably, becomes both dicey and appealing. The Sirens lure you, the lotus eaters’ land sedate you, Circe enslaves you for a while and the Cyclops scare you to death. Caught in the storm and very rough waters, smiting the sounding furrows and visiting Hades momentarily become regular maneuvers. Nonetheless, your ship is cruising safe because on the cruise to unknown destinations, you aren’t alone. Since the day you set foot to embark on this mysterious journey, there have been sailors of various stations and ages travelling alongside.

What do I encounter along the way?

Some helped you on the poop to hold the mast against heavy storms, some helped you to anchor the ship on shores you needed to explore; the aged and experienced helped you with the compass, the abled ones bailed out the water from the vessel and the concerned ones lent their shoulders when you were sea sick and tired. Of course, you had a few who left you in lurch when the ship was sinking, a few who moved ashore and onto another ship for better cargo, a few who used you as a bait to catch a big fish and a few who took away your life jackets letting you come onboard in fear and agony. Nevertheless, you have been successfully navigating to reach newer lands because the ones who are guarding you are comparatively large in the barge to the few, who have made you weak and killed your confidence for wanton joy of theirs. With nothing to defeat the might of your journey, you continue to row rigorously and rhythmically to the tunes of the reassuring, ravishing seas. Half-way you pause the journey on the calm seas, and gratefully thank both the ones who have helped you sail at ease and the few who have taught you the endurance to weather any storm. The cruise has crossed arches of achievements, disappointments, success and failures and has managed to stay afloat, and with age and experience you realize that though you cannot change the direction of the winds still you can adjust your sails and make your journey exciting. You are the captain of your ship, so continue ‘To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield’.

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