Animals rights awareness week

Animal Rights Awareness is observed this June 14 – June 20. Animal Rights Awareness Week(ARAW) is created to honour the animals who have been exploited and killed by humans around the world. It is our duty to spread the awareness among humans as animals can be our friends, companions, protectors, benefactors and comforters. Research studies indicate that people has own pets and have close bond with them and have higher self esteem. They are also generally happier and healthier.

The aim of this week is to create an opportunity to direct the public’s attention to the needs and wants of animals.

History of Animal Rights Awareness Week

In 1991 Animal Rights awareness week founded to promote education about animals welfare and bring further protection to animals.

Several ways to participate in spreading awareness concerning the human treatment of animals are:

  1. Adopt shelter for pets.
  2. Do programs in your area and spread the importance of animals.
  3. Buy cruelty-free products.
  4. Know where your products come from and determine whether they are obtained humanely.
  5. Consider adopting pets from shelter.
  6. If you do decide to buy from a breeder make sure to do your research and find reputed one.

Many zoos function as an extension to conservation and preservation efforts, others do not. The conditions in puppy mills, for example, do not provide proper shelter or care. Most of the dogs are used solely for breeding purposes and rarely leave their kennels or receive proper veterinary care.

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