How to use the phone as a webcam for your PC

In these pandemic situation there no offline meetings and interviews. Video conference is daily habited in these time , we are using lot of application for video conference like Google meet, zoom meet, Microsoft teams , Skype and  jio meet

Most of people facing problems while hosting and interviews times ,our laptops and PC doesn’t have good quality of video

Then , is there any way to optimise for good quality of video . yes there is a way for that problem

In these day every one have mobile phones , by those mobile phone we can as a webcam

Are you thinking I am joking , then just follow my instruction you will be find my word are no joke..

I have research many application but ,I  recommended an application Droidcam  that can be download by our favourite  app stores

Now  you connect your PC or a Laptop over the same Wi-Fi network or with the help of a USB cable. If you downloaded the DroidCam app on your phone from the app store, then download the DroidCam Client on your Windows laptop or PC

There are two ways :

  • Using wi-fi
  • Using cable
  • using Browser

Using Wi-Fi

Open  the DroidCam app on your phone and click on the ‘Wireless’ option.

Then next screen should display the ‘WiFi IP’ and ‘DroidCam Port’ . If your ‘WiFi IP’ appears, then you are not connected to the Wi-Fi.

Open the DroidCam Client on your PC or laptop and enter the ‘WiFi IP’ and ‘DroidCam Port’ as displayed on your mobile phone. Click on the ‘Start’ button.

Now start the video conferencing app and check the webcam  by clicking on the ‘Webcam’ or ‘Video’ settings.

Using cable

Connect your mobile phone   to your PC  or Laptop with  USB cable.

We have remember to note is that you need iTunes downloaded on your  PC to connect using USB cable. If you do not have iTunes, you can download it . Once you login to iTunes, it will automatically detect your mobile Phone.

Start the DroidCam Client, select the ‘USB’ option and tap on ‘Start’.

using Browser

 DroidCam mobile phone application also connect to the camera using a web browser.

Then you  have to  connect your phone to a Wi-Fi and open DroidCam application.

Lunch  Chrome on your Laptop or PC and enter the ‘Browser IP Cam Access’ data then ‘http://192.168……./video’ and click on  enter.

If you have wish to specify the resolution of the video in the URL by using the path including ‘force’. example – http://192.168…./video.force?1280×720.

The application  DroidCam Wireless Webcam we used was the free ver . You canl also find the paid ver of this app, called the DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro in  the Google Play Store. The paid version application supports HD video streaming with out ads

there is one more application I recommends i.e Xsplit connect