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Web Development

Web Development Roadmaps WEB…. The world using websites to take , give informations and converted to its useful Let we learn about Web development Front-End Roadmap STEP 1 •       Learn […]

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Programming Language

Before learning the programming language, let’s understand what is language? What is Language? Language is a mode of communication that is used to share ideas, opinions with each other. For example, […]

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Symptoms COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization. Most common symptoms: fever dry cough tiredness Less common […]

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The Journalism and mass media

The Journalism and mass media is the  graduates work nationwide and worldwide at newspapers and magazines and in advertising, branding, broadcast news, social media, marketing, media research, photojournalism, publication design, […]

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing the world become digitalizing day to day. Every things we can do with digital, we are become digital life’s. Marketing is main source for improve companies, on before […]

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