“Successful People are not gifted. They just work hard, then succeed on purpose” – G.K.Nelson.

In the initial years of college, we all will be living in a fantasy world where we are with a feeling that we have everything one could wish for. The reality hits us hard on the pre-placement phases of our college. At this point in time, we are obscure about our future. The situation can be handled with ease if we start to do an internship after the first year of our college. This could be either a remote one or a full-time one. Choose according to your convenience and college practices.

Sites for getting your first intern:

 “Your big opportunity may be right next to where you are now” – Napoleon Hill. 

There are a handful of trustworthy sites for choosing your intern from. Some of them are as follows:

  • Internshala.
  • Letsintern.
  • Linkedin

They have internships for various fields and experiences. Choose one which suits you the best. Never fall for internships that ask you for money. Even if it’s an unpaid internship but it could provide you a better experience then never hesitate to go for it. Most companies don’t expect much from an intern in the beginning. They look for the dedication and interest in the role assigned to you. They assist you well in the beginning so that you can move forward without any hurdles. 

Perks of an Internship:

  • They mold you from the scratch into something which you never expected. 
  • It provides you better clarity on the career path you need to choose from and the skillsets needed for the same. 
  • Most importantly you will get to know yourself better. In college, we would have a bunch of friends with whom we are comfortable playing around. In a workplace, this may or may not happen. But you will get adapted to the environment to deal with different kinds of people at an early stage which will for sure help you in the future.
  • Some companies provide internship extension and full-time work opportunities for their interns based on their performance which will turn into a hassle-free process for both sides. 
  • In case if it’s a paid internship, you will realize the value of money you have been using in the past and this will make you utilize the economy better. 
  • During the internship, you will have to manage your college assignments, studies, and exams. Although the process seems to be hard in the beginning, once you master the multi-tasking and time management skills you are ready to face the real-time challenges of the world. 
  • In case if the internship domain did not excite you much then it’s also a good sign. You have neglected out an option at an early stage. 

Nothing can be mastered at its best in the first attempt. Try hard, learn and unlearn to make the best out of it. Never have hesitation or fear to start again. As experts say you are not starting from scratch , you are starting with experience. 

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