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Nowadays we are changing to modern so that we are losing our old things and habits. The olden days we used to eat Ragi, wheat, pluses, cereals, grain, veggies and fruits. In modern days we are taking all these less and other items heavy. We should eat for our body it must get strength to fight with diseases so that olden days foods and medicines are the best. In olden days also there was diseases but now before curing one disease many diseases are coming line by line. So to cure this we need olden days food.
Ginger: This ginger helps to raise immunity in our body. It is very good throat infections and it kills all the viruses  which enters through  throat. While drinking hot tea mixed with crushed ginger it will kill all the infections in your throat if you don’t like to eat ginger mixed in food. We should use ginger everyday in everything so that it will be powerful and helpful for your body.
Papaya: In fruits this also a best fruit which helps human body function abundantly. That to country papaya is the best it will not be good as hybrid. All good this will be worst for kids even though try to eat country papaya. It is good in every thing. It really raises the immunity level. What  is possible to eat near us and good in everything. “If we eat apple we can keep doctor away” this is same like that but only the country papaya.Turmeric: This the best medicine in food for all things we can use from our head to toe we can use turmeric. It’s a gift from god because it can cure what kind of thing as soon as possible. Turmeric we can use in milk and food. Turmeric is a best fighter against diseases this turmeric is used as powder in packets but the pure turmeric which is used in olden days it cures all things. Turmeric not only gives color but also taste and kills the any kind of diseases, injuries and bacteria.Almonds: We should eat at least four almonds daily. It is very helpful for body and brain. If we eat daily we could remember each and everything and our body remains healthy. Almonds we should soak in water night and in morning remove the outer cover and eat in empty stomach. Almonds also fights against viruses and diseases. It also burns fat.These are some of the immunity raising foods we eat without knowingly there is so much good things in each and everything


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