Vaccination is good or bad?


India was in a critical situation because of the corona virus but now those who are affected by corona virus rating are falling down. The government has taken various steps to control the corona virus but all the steps have failed death rate was increasing because there were many people who are affected by corona virus there were no beds, no doctors, no oxygen, no medicine and no remedies. So many people died then in some places there were no place bury those who died by the affect of corona virus. This situation has changed a little because of lockdown and also all people are afraid that we too be affected by corona virus and die, so we can take vaccination so that at least we can save our lives. In India there are two vaccinations one is made in India that is Covaxin vaccination and another one is Covishield it was made by England and India. Another thing Sputnik vaccine from Russia it is also used in India because there is no enough Vaccination in India. Many people are showing intrest to vaccinate there are some who are not willing to vaccine. If we vaccinate we can protect others and ourselves because we are vaccinated in our body if there is corona virus the possibility of passing over to other person is very less and other thing if we are vaccinated and we are affected by corona virus it will not lead you to death or any serious conditions. Covaxin and Covishield both are good but there will be slight symptoms in our body because the vaccination should work in our body to protect us from the corona virus. There is some time of interval between two vaccines because the World Health Organization recommends there must be an interval of 3 to 4 weeks, but now it is extended beyond one month. Mainly those who are moving out from your house and old age people because they will be easily affected. Government is making many steps and keeping a target to achieve the goal that all the people in our country should be vaccinated. As a first step for their goal they are making awareness in villages that all should vaccinate. We know that in the first wave of corona virus there was huge people were admitted and some were died in America but now there is no such a huge number because they have vaccinated nearly half of the people in their country they are not asking any proof they are vaccinating all so the number is stable. India’s economy is falling down because all are staying in home so no work the prices of each thing we buy from any shop is raising because each and every person has faced many difficulties in this corona virus second wave. There is no way we have to come out of our house and work but safety is very important for all these situation there is only one solution it is none other than vaccination without vaccination we cannot fight against this corona virus there is no medicine for this virus. We have this vaccination, masks, social distancing and washing hand. We are already following these if we vaccine we can lead our life happily and safely.Vaccination is a good thing which is saving our life from corona virus.


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