Start from down and reach the up

Hello guys, today’s topic is going to be very informative.

“Start up ” have you ever heard of this
Word before? Even if you have never heard of the word start up many of us actually heard about those startups which are doing fantastic .

Start ups are the newly established business,by one or more entrepreneurs.These entrepreneurs set up business by taking financial risks .

Start ups are actually initiated by its founders based on an idea which has a potential to become successful and bring profits to the company .

Even though startups gives wings to an individual’s dreams it is not easy to create an impact with an startup during this tough competition era.

And while setting up an start up the individual needs to have necessary funds so mostly the start ups are setup by taking loans,or borrowing money from families,friends.

So generally startup are built around one main idea which can change the whole picture,which can create an impact in the industry.

Startups can become successful only when the foundations that is the base on which the company is started should be rock solid,their main aim should not change even though some alterations can be done .

As the company grows the more the need of funds increases so especially the risk of setting up a startup should be taken very seriously and the decision must taken carefully.

There are many thing that you need such as impressive idea,funds and trusted partners and sacrifice your time,health  for the wellbeing of the startup.

Start ups basis is believe ,the belief you have in your own self,your idea which is projected outside.

Entrepreneurs should have certain qualities that is needed for a successful startup so many institutions and universities are providing training for those who dream of starting their own company.

But in reality many startups that don’t stand a chance in the competition lack those qualities,they have the idea but cannot put into action,they cannot manage work as they have very little experience in this industry,they get swayed by others words and forget their whole main aim .

Mock startups are those programs where a student gets to experience the simulation of the real world.

Even the government entrepreneurship programs ,non profit entrepreneurship programs support many start ups They give guidance and even support them if the idea shows a potential .

Intellectual advisors ,hardworking staff ,investors who don’t mind to try risks for profits ,mentors who can guide you ,and great Teamwork makes the dream work that is it accelerates the growth rate of that start up.

Every start up has their own ups and downs but what is important is to never lose faith in yourselves and always hope for the best by putting out your best .

Startups don't have a instant success they to grow step by step and the more impact it has on the business industry the more it grows.

Some of the successful startups are

  • Ola
  • Swiggy
  • Zomato
  • Oyo
  • Flipkart

Every succesful company at present is a startup in the past and lessons should be learnt from those experiences

So always dream big ,work hard ,have faith,never lose hope ,never give up, and

“Learning from failures , paves the way to success.”