Books – the elite partner

Who would not relish reading a book with a cup of coffee / tea? If you are a person who is not fond of reading books then you might be missing a great part of life even. Some may find it boring and consider it as of no use or waste of energy. But the fact provided by reading books is just a contrast to your mindset. The love towards reading books can protect you even from hazardous diseases of life. But for many reading books in their spare time is like a great craving. Nevertheless it is not like the other leisure time activities that we do to pass time. We are benefitted by books beyond what we think. It benefits both the physical and mental health and the benefits are enduring, lasts lifelong. It increases our creative thinking, imagination and molds us into better person. It aids us to formulate a better roadmap for our career. Books exposes us to new things which we might have failed to notice in our past times, renders more information, and fosters us to handle strenuous situations and provides us innovative ways to solve them and thus gives us a great exploration. It leads us to the other part life which is peaceful and gets you tension free apart from your regular hectic work. Reading good books widens our mind and uplifts our way of thinking.

Books can be referred to as the man’s best companion which is the power house of information and ingenuity. Even in the early times, writing system was invented and people used stones, clays, tree and different things that can be carved as a writing material. Fortunately today we have newspapers, magazines and books. We would have come across several books over the years. In our childhood we were fond of story books which would be flooded with pictures to fascinate little children and for the better understanding of the younger ones. And then as we grow up we would be interested in different genre of books like history, literature, science fiction, crime, fantasy, inspirational, adventure, horror, comics, detective, biographies and so on. All books are either nonfiction or fiction. Nonfiction books contain biographies, history books and contain factual information . Fiction books contain a story which is framed by the author. Technical books gives you technical insight, novels distracts you from the monotonous world and stimulates your imagination level. Comics is meant for enjoyment and relaxes you from your repetitive work. As writing is an art, so is reading and it an excellent habit. It should be inculcated in all from an early stage. The cognitive abilities of kids who read books regularly seem to be improved. It helps us on a larger scale to improve the vocabulary , communication skills, writing skills. As we read books we come know about the various fields engaged around us and it boosts the confidence & self esteem and helps us to become highly efficient and excel in various activities. It increases our concentration level and makes it elastic to grasp things quickly and easily.

With the gradual advancement in technology people are getting fascinated by the idea of e-books. E-books – It is the digital representation of a book publication on platforms like computers, smartphones etc. and provides an easy access to the readers. They are more flexible than paper books. It has many perks like we can enlarge the font size to make the reading more pleasurable and it is easy on the eyes. They are portable and handy making it easy to carry around. E books can be purchased through internet and also some are available for free of cost. E-books have a large scope for further developments and universal acceptability.

Paper and electronic books , both provide an effective way of reading . Paper books allow more precise reading and e books are quicker and more convenient. Books are like fellow mates with no demands and no anticipations, rather we could anticipate many stuffs from books. It gives us a kind of inner happiness and gives us an optimistic feel which enhances our knowledge and wisdom.