When it comes to the topic of learning or studies,there arises various queries and comments. Is learning that difficult or a boresome work. Before we blame our Education system or institutes,we need to realise some actual factors. Learning is not a hard job, in fact learning is a delight if you accept it as a friend. It’s just a form of entertainment from which you get to know more. Education is the thing which makes a person complete and everyone must have access to it. Often the process is misunderstood, its aim is  to learn and not merely to crack a exam or to earn a degree. In this case parents and students get worried and anxious about getting into various institutes. They believe that the only way to access it is by joining an institute and spend money on it. It is a misconception,truth is where you study doesn’t matter but how you study is important. The light is within you,the interest to learn new things will help you access it. It’s only lack of attentiveness and sometimes parent’s pressure by which students ends up in coaching centres. A person doesn’t need to go for a special coaching if he has self control and willingness to achieve his goal. It’s just needs a little effort. The process doesn’t eat much of your time but it needs your interest and concentration.

To make the learning process easier and effective one needs to grow interest which can be achieved by active form of learning.

  1. While you are learning a topic first you need to give a thorough reading so that you can form an idea.
  2. You must raise questions and try to explain it yourself. While searching for the answer you get to know more about the topic further you will grow interest in the field.
  3. To have better understanding one needs to explain the concept to other person. You should make sure that you can answer to their queries and make the concept simpler.
  4. The next thing one needs to do is to write down the concept in own words. This makes sure that you never forget the concept.

Apart form these there must be a regular practice. Inorder to follow these,one must have self discipline. If you are able to work in streamlined manner with full dedication you’ll definitely succeed in the process.Once you decide what you want,you need to focus on it without falling for any sort of distraction and must work hard to reach it. Discipline is the important factor for this, if one can practice it there is no need for the person to relay on other and can function independently.

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