Privacy in Internet era

The use of digital technology is growing, and people are becoming more aware of it, as well as the numerous benefits that technology provides. They are always connected, can contact almost anyone from anywhere, and carry the world’s most powerful information source in their pockets. People, on the other hand, appear to overlook one fact: how much data technology generates. And that’s where the issue of privacy comes into the picture and it is no secret that the modern use of the Internet and social media has a significant impact on people’s privacy. And our need for privacy is one of the characteristics that define us as human beings. Nobody like having their privacy invaded, whether it’s by someone looking over our shoulder or by a data breach. Every day, we come across headlines concerning privacy breaches that make us worry. The Internet is commonly regarded as a tool that has enabled people to write their own stories and share their experiences with a global network of people. As we continue to digitize every aspect of our lives, from gyms to vacation destinations, security and privacy protection will become increasingly more important in the coming years. As a result, it is growing easier to unintentionally give out sensitive information via email, social media, and other means these days. From internet service providers collecting user browsing history to software vendors gathering broad data about our personal life, there is a lot of data being collected about us. As a result, simple laws and regulations ensuring consumers’ ability to opt out of personal data collecting are urgently needed. In the digital era, this would go a long way toward safeguarding privacy.

Until 2021, the total sum of our personal information on the internet will be around 1.2 Million TBs, and it will undoubtedly rise in the future. Have we ever thought about how to keep it safe? If we continue to take this lightly, the day will come when digital privacy issues will attract an increase in cyber attacks, resulting in a loss of reputation, theft of sensitive documents, and a lack of confidence among users.

To emphasize the importance of data privacy in our lives, we should all take a look at the approaches or methods that can help us add value to data privacy.

  • Using technologies to effectively manage compliance and vulnerability in security.
  • Auditing security setups on a regular basis.
  • Staffs should be well-trained and educated on the ongoing threat of ransom ware.
  • Make the Privacy Procedures sound more effective by updating them.
  • Creating and restoring backup files with caution.
  • For reaching the unreachable updates, technology should be used.
  • Obtaining illegible H/W Channels from the attackers.
  • Also education has the duty of transferring awareness, attitudes, skills, and conduct from actual life domains such as home, school, and friends to young people.

From beginning till the end, it can be concluded that data privacy should not be overlooked. And what we should be doing right now is actively participating in the fight to make our lives more secure in this era of digitization.

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