You’re my dictionary,defining me….

My eyes are not willing to close. The clock needle seems fixed. No the time is not running. Oh my god, earth please start your ride. I want my tomorrow. Hello sleep take me. Yes… Still 8 hrs, oh come on please tomorrow come on. My heart says oh my boy I can’t leave you to take sleep,go go go a deep visit in your past.

Yes I remember, she says it happens in a day and that day is tomorrow. Fine I’ll paste my eyes and set time on alarm. Very good night to meet a welcoming tomorrow. Yes! Hurray the day has come, it’s today. Ufff, now I have to get up like a men. My god where’s my another socks, it’s ok to go without socks. Bye my house! You believe it’s today……

I have parked my bike under a orange flavoured tree and take a look on my watch. Suddenly a violin plays, my nose gets sense with a smell, awww a chill breeze, when I take my head up…. Yes she is, it’s her. My girl. Oh man what a kerala saree l, how can God sends angels down here. My mouth gets shuttered. Words affixed in my tongue. My girl starts, hello da nice to meet you. You’re looking great in this shirt. My mind voice be thanks to the man who tailored this pretty one.

My eyes never blinked off her. She sat near me and takes my hand. Hey, you’re my love and you’re my life, you’re my heart and you’re my beat in it. I want you wholeheartedly. Will you take me with you….? My heart stops suddenly and tears filled in my eyes. For the first time my mouth opens. Baby I don’t believe that gods can talk but right now I believe God can even come with us. You’re love of my life, I never promised in my life but today I’m giving you a word, I don’t know about your past but I assure you that your future will be lovely with me. There are about millions andmillions of people in the earth,thanks for choosing me. She slowly take an advantage and draw a sign on his cheeks through his lips.we both talked and laughed in a beautiful red sunset .

Sun secretly hears us baby !!!!

Tring tring!!!!! Alarm beeps. I just open my eyes and got shocked oh god that was a beautiful dream I ever gone through. Please make my day as ditto as yesterday . With full of confidence he dressed like her man and leaves his home to see her. Whatever it was, the day came and it was his ONE FINE DAY.

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