The Eastern Ghats

Unlike Western Ghats,Eastern Ghats is a discontinuous and irregular one.It is dissected at many places by the rivers,which drain into the Bay of Bengal.Its height ranges from 1,100 to 1,600 m.These hills separate the Kalrayan,Kollimalai and Pachamalai are the major hills of the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu and are located in Northern districts of the state.

Javadhu Hills

Javadhu Hills are an extension of the Eastern Ghats spread across parts of Vellore and Tirunelveli districts and seprates these two districts.Many peaks with the height of 1,100-1,150metres are located in this range.Melapattu is its highest peak.The Vainu Bappu Observatory(VBO) Kavalur,which began operationa in 1967,is located on theses hills.Many parts of this range are covered with bluish grey granites.It is noted for its fruit bearing trees,medicinal herbs and Sandalwoods.Due to illegal logging, Sandalwood trees are disappeared now.

Kalvarayan Hills

The name ‘Kalvarayan’ comes from the word ‘Karalar’,the ancient name of the present tribes .It is another major range of hills in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu.This range ,along with the Pachamalai,Aralvaimalai,Javadhu and Servarayan hills,Seprates the river basins of cauvery and palar.The height of this hill range from 600 to 1,220 metres.These hills have two sections.The northern section is referred as the chinna Kalvarayan and the southern one the Periya Kalvarayan. The average height of Chinna Kalvarayan is 825 metres and the Periya Kalvarayan is 1,220 metres.

Servarayan Hills

Major hills in Tamil Nadu(Districts and hills)

  1. Coimbatore-Maruthamalai,Velliangiri and Anaimalai
  2. Dharmapuri-Theertha malai,Chitteri and Vathamalai
  3. Dindigul-Pazhamalai and Kodaikanal
  4. Erode- Chennai hills and Sivan hills
  5. Vellore- Javadhu,Yelagiri and Rathinamalai hills
  6. Namakkal-kolli hills
  7. Salem-Servarayan ,Kanjamalai and Chalk hills
  8. Villupuram-Kalvarayan and Gingee hils
  9. Perambalur-pachaimalai
  10. Kanyakumari-Marunthuvazhmalai
  11. Tirunelveli-Mahendragiri and Agasthiyamalai
  12. The Niligris-Nilgiri hills

It is a mountain range located nera the Salem city the height ranging from 1,200 to 1,620 metres. The name of the range comes from a local deity , Servarayan.The highest peak in the Southern part of the Eastern Ghats is located in this range. The peak is Solaikaradu and its height is 1,620 metres.The hill Station Yercaud,which is known as poor man’s Ooty,is located on this range.Servarayan temple is it’s highest point(1623m).

Kolli Hills

It is a small mountain range located in Namakkal district.It covers an area of about 2,800 rises up to 1300 metres.This is a mountain range that runs almost parallel to the east coast of South India.Arpaleeswarar temple located on this range is an important pilgrim centre.It has the largest cover of evergreen or shola forest when compared to other parts of the Eastern Ghats.Several coffee plantations, fruits,flowers and silver-oak estates are found in this region


It is the lowest hill range,spreads over the districts of Perambalur, Tiruchirappalli and Salem.In Tamil Language,Pachai means green.The vegetation in this range is greener than the vegetative cover of the other hills in this region.Hence it is named as ‘pachai malai’.Jackfruit is a popular seasonal agricultural product of this hills.

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