Mr. Paper’s Advice To Writers!

“Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.”

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bonjour! Today’s article deals with Mr. Paper who wishes to address the writers! A fictional concept of Mr. Paper is covered who shares his grievances with you all!

Hello writers! I know you must have smartly deciphered till now that I am a piece of paper speaking to you. Through this article, I wish to convey my emotions. So, let me begin.

I Really Appreciate Each And Every Writer.”

I may not be able to say this to you, but yes, every writer is precious to me. The hard work and special efforts that you put in in order to make your book a success aren’t unnoticed because I am the one who actually notices! 😉

“Let Alone Writers, I Love It When Any Person Whatsoever Chooses To Scribble Almost Anything On Me.”

Yes! Anyone who writes is someone who preserves my rights 😉 When you write, you provide me my most important right which is to never be a blank sheet! Thank you for taking some efforts to inscribe something on me because that keeps me alive.

“I Hate It When Writers Waste Paper By Throwing Most Of The Half Empty Sheets In The Trash.”

Some writers tend to create their rooms a mess by writing a short paragraph which maybe later doesn’t seem appropriate to them, which makes them curl the paper into a ball and then bury it into the trash. Please stop killing us!

How I Wish Writers Would Make More Use Of Paper Than Their Laptops!”

Writers today, in this digital era, no longer make use of paper which makes me feel overwhelmingly sad because I feel ignored and left out. Please spend some time with me as well!

“Please Don’t Resort To Dog Earring When Reading Books!”

This is a gentle request to all the readers as well as writers to not practice dog earring because that stretches my body, leaving me in pain. Please use bookmarks for the same!

“Please Don’t Tear A Page Unnecessarily.”

This is my earnest request to all of the humans out there to not tear or lacerate us without any reason. By doing this, you plot our demise unintentionally which is not something you want to do, right?

“Please Don’t Curse Us When You Are Unable To Come Up With Content.”

Some writers tend to curse the page for not receiving relevant ideas. I totally understand that writing can be a stressful task at times but then blaming a blank sheet of paper isn’t fair, right? So, please don’t curse and manhandle us because we didn’t hurt you a pinch!

Lastly, I would like to wish each and every writer by giving them my best regards. We await the time when you would get a sheet out and begin engraving something on us. We may seem inanimate to you, but we aren’t. We can feel the essence of your hard work as you prepare your manuscript and try getting it published. We value and respect you! Writing is a fun task and requires some love while we (papers) love you back! So, wait no more! Publish your book and make the utmost use of us (papers).

“Happy Writing”

Thank You For Reading!