You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a bikini and thats pretty close

July 5th,every year is considered the National Bikini Day in India. It is considered so because of the invention of the smallest swim suit by “Louis Réard“, a french automobile engineer and clothing designer. Louis Réard took over his mother’s Lingerie business in 1940 and became a clothing designer.

The idea of Bikini

The idea of a bikini struck Louis Réard’s mind when he noticed women rolling up the edges of their swimsuit to get a better tan. He decided to create a swim suit with their midriff exposed.In 1946, he went on to produce a swim suit of his own and called it a “string bikini” consisting of four triangles.

Marketing strategies

The marketing strategies of bikini’s has been the same with little innovation. Ever since Bikini was introduced in the market, the advertising tactic has been the same, i.e the bikini is put on by a supermodel with a super figure to attract customers. The advertisements create a sense of “want it” in women when they look at the picture of the model wearing a bikini.

Bikini advertisements and their effects

Many women have and still feel insecure about their body and shape when in the beach wearing a bikini. The advertisements have created the impression of a so called “perfect body”, which many women desire to have. The idea of “perfect body” has created a sense of hate in women against their own bodies. Many women get attracted seeing the advertisements, but get disappointed when looking at the mirror whilst wearing the same bikini in the advertisement. There is a need to spread awareness about body positivity in the society, this will definitely lacerate the idea of a “perfect body” and incorporate women with confidence on their own bodies.

Reforms in the advertisement industry

There have been noticible reforms in advertisement strategies in recent times, many brands now choose to showcase their bikini’s by putting them not on supermodels with super figure’s but with models who have a body of an average women. This way, many women can relate to the advertisement and show intrest in buying the product. This startegy has worked out good so far for companies like ; H and M,victorias secret many other.

Types of Bikini

With the changing times, many types of bikini’s were created and some of them are listed below;

  • Bandeaukini/Strapless bikini
  • Multi-String bikini
  • String bikini.
  • Microkini.
  • Tankini.
  • High Neck bikini.
  • Trikini.
  • Sling bikini
  • Flounce bikini
  • high waisted bikini
  • Fringe bikini

Your bikini, your body and your happiness

There are hundred different ways to show off your bikini, but it will look good only if you feel good. Being positive about your body is the biggest flex. It is said that “you cant buy happiness but you can buy a bikini, and thats pretty close” and it is said absolutely right, your body shape should not be an obstacle in midst of experiencing the joy of wearing a bikini and enjoying the sunset at a beach. Body positivity activists like Morgan Bartley and Sarah Sapora have brought back the renouncing confidence in women and showed that the “perfect body” is a mere speculation.

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