Organic Manure

Organic manure usage in agriculture is becoming more and more famous day by day. Organic manure, as the name suggests are the natural nutrients from sources like Human and animal excreta, decomposing vegetable wastes and leftovers of agricultural practices. Plants extract the nutrients from the soil for their growth and organic manure helps in restoring that nutrients by undergoing decomposition easily and getting mixed with the soil perfectly. By restoring the nutrients, manure increases the fertility of the soil. Regular usage of organic manure maintains the level of soil organic matter.

sources of organic manure
  • Cattle wastes like cow dung and urine, slurry from biogas plant, Human wastes like sewage, sludge can be used in organic manure preparation.
  • Dry leaves, stubble, sugarcane trash, crop residue and some other agricultural wastes can be used.
  • oil cakes, vegetable processing wastes wheat straw and bran are agriculture industry byproducts and these are also sources of organic manure.
  • Slaughterhouse wastes like blood and bone meal are also can be the sources.
methods of preparing manure at your home

POT COMPOSTING CAN BE DONE: Pot composting can be done using wastes from kitchen. Take a container and add some pebbles and soil at the bottom. Take dry wastes like paper and dry leaves and add them. Collect all the wet wastes from kitchen. They may include food leftovers, fruit peels etc. Put them in the container after the dry waste. You can make 3-4 layers like this. Sprinkle water to keep them moist. Keep this arrangement away from rain. Keep on mixing the layer everyday. And keep it moist. After 30-45 days compost will be ready.

THE VERMICOMPOSTIING: Verm compost is the droppings of the earthworm after they consume the organic waste. Take container or you can make a separate large concrete tubs if you want to produce in large quantity. Put first layer of soil and pebble. On that add the organic wastes that are collected. Put handful of worms in the tub. Water is sprayed to them on daily basis to keep everything moist. Earthworms will produce the droppings which can be used as the manure.

USING BOKASHI METHOD: In this method, collect some kitchen waste in an airtight drum and add some Bokashi powder. Bokashi powder is inoculated with microbes which help in decomposition, made of bran based material. After 15 days fungus growth will be seen indicating fermentation has happened. Put this fermented waste in a trench and wait for 3 weeks. Black compost which can be used as manure will be ready.

benifits of using organic manure

Organic manure provides all the nutrients to the soil and maintains its fertility. They also improve soils physical properties like texture and structure and also improve aeration. organic manure increases the water holding capacity of the soil and helps in retaining rain water. Soil pH is also maintained. Organic manure usage increases the microbe population in the soil resulting in increased biological activity. Carbon nitrogen ratio will be well maintained.

Usage of organic manure is economically beneficial also. The production can be extended as a small scale business and it requires less investment. Hence it will be a very profitable business.

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