World population day

World population day is celebrated on 11th July every year.this day was initiated to spread awareness about issues related to population growth. This day was established by the governing council of United Nations development programme in 1989. This day was inspired by the population growth in 11th July in 1987 as the population became 5 billion . This day is used to spread awareness regarding population growth, poverty, unemployment ,health issues and discrimination.The day was suggested by Dr. K.C.Zachariah in which population reaches Five Billion when he worked as Sr Demographer at World Bank .As population has become more than 7 billion now .

This population growth has causing a lot health issues as there are not enough facilities for everyone . Hospital are not available and because of which people are having health issues which is having an impact on the economy of the country and the whole world.  People are making babies without any family planning which leads to a lot of issues. They are not able to Fulfill all the needs of a their kids and they grow up to be illiterate. We should understand how important family planning is . We should only produce Bab es if we can provide them with all the facilities. People in rural areas give birth till they get a boy which is causing discrimination between boys and girls . Such girls are not given proper education and are been married off at early age . Thus population growth is also causing lack of employment which directly leads to poverty . Which affects the economy and the s not good for the country in any way .

This population growth leads to global warming and pollution which is causing lack in natural resources . Fossil fuels are decreasing day by day and cannot be renewed further .People should realise how dangerous this growth is for all humans and mother earth . It is our duty to control population growth and help nature and maintain the balance . We should use condoms to control population growth and have family planning which we can afford to give to the child

By Ishita Pillay