[GUIDE] How to install the Windows 11 Insider Build.

At a virtual event on 24 June 2021, Microsoft unveiled “the next generation of Windows”, Windows 11. It is the successor of the Windows 10 May 2021 update (also known as version 21H1), and it came out with big improvements and key features like:-

  • A new, more Mac-like interface.
  • Integrated Android apps.
  • Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Widgets.
  • Snap Groups and better multitasking.

Today I am going to show you how to install the Insider Build of Windows 11, but before check out the minimum system requirments to run Windows 11 on Microsoft’s official website.

Before Installing

Back up any file that you would deem essential somewhere safe (e.g USB drive, Cloud storage, etc…). Download the ISO then get a USB drive minimum of 8GB or more and create a bootable USB drive. Next, go into the BIOS and follow these steps:-

Enable TPM-

If INTEL, you need to enable PTT (TPM)

BIOS> Security> Intel Platform Trust Technology> Enable> Save and Exit.

IF AMD, You need to enable fTPM (TPM)

BIOS> Advanced> CPU Configuration> AMD fTPM Switch> Enable> Save and Exit.

Disable Compatiblity Support Module (CSM) and turn Secure Boot OFF (on few motherboard).

NOTE- TPM 2.0 is required but in some cases, it ran in TPM 1.2. Make sure to check your TPM version and enter BIOS and enable your TPM settings.

Steps for installing Windows

  1. ISO method

Connect your bootable USB and turn on your PC, press F8 (or ESC, F1, F11 depending on your motherboard) to go into the boot menu select your USB drive and it’ll take you to WIndows installation.

Click on “Install now”
Click on “I don’t have a product key”
Select the edition of Windows you would like to install and click Next and Click on “I agree on terms and condition” and again click Next.
Now, click on “Custon: Install Windows Only (advanced)”.
Click on “New” to make new partiton or select the partition you want and click on “Next”.
Now, wait for the installation to complete (don’t turn your PC off during the process). It will “Restart” several times and will come to the Setup screen.
Now Select your Region, Time and Date, Username, Password, Preference, and complete the setup.
Windows 11 Insider build

After completing the setup you’re good to go. Enjoy the latest Windows on your PC.

Post installation tweaks

  • Install drivers related to your PC.
  • Join the Windows Insider Program via Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program.
  • Check for Windows Update.

2. Upgrade Method

Installing windows 11 via the Windows Insider development ring:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback and check that option instead of “Basic” to “Full”.
  • Now to join the Insider Program, go into Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program and click on “Get Started”, then follow the prompt and select “Pick your Insider settings” and choose “Dev Channel”, now click confirm and reboot you PC.
  • Now check for Windows Update and install “Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.51 (co_release)”
  • Follow the Post Installation Tweaks and you’re good to go.

WARNING! As this is the Insider Build it can contain some bugs and cons and may not be ideal for a daily driver for many users.

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