Mindful gardening

Have you ever had the flavor of fruits and vegetables cultivated in your garden? If you have not, just give a try at least once in your lifetime and then that would let you take up gardening eternally. Trust me, even the bitter gourd might sound sweet when you get it from your labor and that could be so heart warming and relishing. Some take up gardening in their leisure time and some really have a great passion towards it. It doesn’t matter about the size of your garden it is about the mindfulness, just gather few pot plants and little herbs and that tends leave a huge impact in your life. Cultivating plants aids in cultivating a healthy mind and grants serenity. A study found that ” every green environment improved self esteem”. When you feel distressed and anxious about your repetitive life just drop in to your garden and it will restore all your inner peace.

When you land up in the soil, its smell uplifts your mood and makes you feel elated!

When you clear up the weeds your mind also gets cleaned by giving up all the negativity!

When you dig deep into the soil your mind goes in deep and revives the positivity back!

When you sow the seeds, your heart is been sowed and scattered with cheerfulness and bright thoughts!

When you notice the tiny little branches you will find an intangible happiness sprouting within you and When you sprinkle the water, the mother earth sprinkles her blessings on you.

Spending some quality time in the garden would render many physical and mental benefits. The pulling, digging, reaching, twisting and bending of gardening amounts to light aerobic exercise, which improves heart and lung health, helps prevent obesity. The plants clean the air around us and makes us feel fresh. Currently, the food industry is responsible for emitting 26% of global CO2 waste by transporting food from suppliers to grocery stores. So it becomes apparent that when we grow food in our garden we are reducing our carbon footprint. Spending time in nature can promote the mental health and gardening has been used as therapy for depression for many years. A group of researches have come with findings after tracking over 3000 subjects for 16 years and it stated that gardening regularly reduces the risk of dementia by 35-46%. Gardening is a very big stress buster and watching the plants flourish is a huge stress relief. People who have raised a prosperous garden might know how great it feels to notice the flowers budding and blooming and that boosts a person’s self esteem because developing a garden could be a rewarding hobby. When we invest our diligent & earnest work, certainly the plants will nourish our body and mind in return. The inner happiness that you find when your dining is been filled with the food that you harvest could be so remarkable and rejoice at the fact that you are able to nurture your health with your own scrupulous work.

Besides the mental and physical benefits of gardening there many medicinal plants we can cultivate in our garden space that assures us a healthy lifestyle and those plants are also easily obtainable. Tulsi is believed to be a physical incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi on earth and regarded as the holiest of all. They are rich in adaptogens which help in reducing the stress levels in your body, cures common cold, promotes digestion etc. It is true that there is a science behind every activity and also there is a medicinal benefit behind each plant. Aloevera is extremely useful to speed up healing and reduce the risks of infections. Pepper mint regarded as the world’s oldest medicine is used to treat fevers, inhibit bacterial growth. Coleus amboinicus (Omavalli) can be used a remedy for cough, cold, indigestion. Coriander, curry leaves, mint are very simple to grow and they play a very major role in our daily diet. In addition there are several plants and trees that aids in our physical health.

There are many fascinating facts about plants and one such is, plants could really respond to sounds. Talking to plants to help them grow is a well know old wives’ tale but studies have shown that compared to a silent greenhouse to one where they piped in a voice soundtrack, the plants in the latter grew more. This could also make you to get rid of the loneliness at times. Gardening helps us to overcome our inhibitions and makes our life complete & alluring. I think that we should acquire the great quality from plants of how to grow in silence and letting your success make the noise. Garden is a grand teacher and gardening is enduring and never ceases. To grow a plant is to believe in tomorrow!