Smart farming in India- Reality or Dream


      No life is without food, the need of the food and the need of the farmers are keep on increasing in our day to day life. The farmers are following many pathways for the production of the nutrient rich food for us but somehow they are facing lot of troubles sowing to marketing. The government is also taking up steps to minimize these problems. Smart farming is one of the way to overcome the crises. So, in this essay let us discuss in short about Smart farming in India is a dream or a reality.

                      ‘The best culture in this world is AGRICULTURE’

Farming in India

      The backbone of India is former as the saying goes, many forming methods have been following throughout the country. The forming method depends upon the climatic condition, the type of the land (soil), based on the availability of water, and of course based on the condition of the environment.

    At present due to the poor natural conditions like poor climate, delay of rainfall, windy, over heat, at times drought, and of course of different insects effect which are caused due to the modern era, it created the fact that bringing out the crop with product is a challenge. So sure we need a smart farming method to overcome these types of problems.

                                       ‘Modern problems needs modern solution’

Smart farming

          The survey says that the demand of food will increase nearly to the 70 percentage of world food production, so it is important and basic need to be fulfilled in the future. This can be achieved only by the smart farming that through with the technology. It is more over like predicting the weather, proper supply of water, sensing the amount of nutrient content in the soil for the plant growth, protecting the plants and crops from the insects and other that affecting the plant.

         This all can be brought by watching every activity of the plant growth and providing them with the things they lack. For example the automatic irrigating system this will help to maintain the moisture that needed by the plant and turn off automatically when they get enough water, then noticing the plant growth and its needs through the sensors, identifying the insects entry and keeping them away and by tracing the animals.

       Then the storage is one of the foremost important thing and it can be brought by maintaining the temperature, air flow, humidity etc., 

                        “To get her(food) we need to work to-get-her(together)”

Dream or reality

      In country like India it is really difficult task to implant all over the states, but it can be achieved with the help of the government and the funding agencies. The coast of smart farming is really huge and it cannot be set up by the individual farmers who are poor. But it can be brought by the students who create a smart farming individually by his education and love towards the farming.

     Even we can say smart farming is achieved in some places, where the person step out individually and created the impact over the farming by inventing new machinery and equipments.  

      The awareness can be created among the people by explain bought the need of farming and its importance in the future world. Thus it motivates the people to do smart farming and that will help in the betterment of farming.

                                         “Reality are once dreams”


      No person is island as the saying goes that holds true for farming also because everything in this world is depends upon one another, so the smart farming can be achieved through the team work, and every reality is once a dream so it can be achieved one day for sure. Let us hope for the best and great future.

            “The only culture to be cultured in the world is Agriculture”.

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