What are you overthinking about??

Overthinking is one of the most challenging things for most of us.And it is blessing for an Introvert

Overthinking is biggest cause of unhappiness

So what are we overthinking about?

what if I mess it up

To not overthink

 “what if I say the wrong things

Waking up early in the morning”

Daily schedule”

Use social media or not”

And many more things like-Business, life, study, exams, career Interviews, future, love life, healthcare, etc

Some peoples overthink about random things or like, pimple, height, weight, timepass and overthink on meme or reels…

we overthink just by assuming something but in reality it works differently…

We think If I am going to do that thing then what will everyone say…, What if my parents won’t allow this, what if I got punished, what if….., what if….

And I currently overthink about my college life… I don’t even visit my college and don’t know when this gonna happen. But I also enjoy my life with online classes and to be relaxed at home.

Whenever you overthink much then listen some music, watch movies, or talk to someone… It really going to help

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So tell me what are you overthinking about in comment section –