Depression And Self care

The term depression is quite common these days which is a serious matter of concern. To know the cure we must know what depression is .In simple words depression is mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It can range from mild depression to chronic depression.

According to data published in times of India — 43% of Indians are suffering from depression. Just to think that almost half of the nation is scary and terrifying. This rate is increasing ever since the Covid 19. The feeling of being trapped and difficulty to cope with the situation is pushing people to fall into the pit of depression. Not only this India also accounts for 36.6 % of suicides globally and suicide has surpassed maternal mortality as the leading cause of death is among women and teenage girls aged 15-19 years. It should be noted that depression may not always lead to suicide or suicidal thoughts.

Anyone can be a prey of depression , so it very important to know how to cope up with this overwhelmingly gloomy feeling. So here is certain tips—

1) Journaling – experts say that journaling and writing down your feeling can lift up your mood.

2) Set attainable goods – Instead of trying to do whole work altogether , your should divide your work into small chunks. This will save you from being overwhelmed by the work

3) Creating routine – Having routine set for the next day always helps to control the day you want. This way you will not feel as if everything is out of your hand

4) Listening to music – Research shows music can be a great way to boost your mood and improve symptoms of depression. It may also help to strengthen your reception of positive emotion

5) Being true to your feelings – Always be true to your feelings , never try to deny it. If you feel like seeking the help of expert , go for it, don’t hesitate.