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Innovative Bird Feeder

“True Innovation is coming up with a product that the customer didn’t even know they needed”Extinction of the Exclusives:Birds are the most lively and charming creatures existing on Mother Earth. They play a vital role in the food chain. Extinction of bird species is increasing at an alarming rate. Major reasons for bird extinction are as follows:Aggravated Human Population , Contamination of soil by excessive use of fertilizers,Poor Air Quality,Destruction of Forests and Natural Landscapes.Although some of us are not directly involved in such extinction , we all are involved in the same without our knowledge. Every lock has its key. What if we could rectify the situation with an innovative product? Then Kickstarter has got an offer for you.Bird Buddy:Kickstarter is evolving as a hub of innovative products. One product that has recently caught my eyes is a Novel Bird Feeder. Everyone of us would have done a bird feeder out of cardboard or waste materials and would have placed it in our homes. The joy we get while the birds are fed with the feeder is astonishing. But sometimes we would forget to refill the feeder or while we are out of town we wouldn’t be able to feed them and have a look over them. The Bird buddy will save you at those times.Unique Features of Bird Buddy:Magical Moments captured are treasures to be cherished:Bird Buddy has a camera in it and it captures every featured friend who is benefited by your benevolence. It will also recognize them and send a notification to your mobile regarding their visits. It also identifies the arrival of birds using their voice with the help of its built in microphone.Weather Resistant: In our childhood days , we would be agonized when the bird feeder crafted by us were destroyed in rainwaters.Bird Buddy is safe all day , everyday.Win Win Situation:Bird watching is an art that is underrated. Watching those little creatures enjoying their meal is an unmatched emotion. Sometimes our little lovelies are frightened by our presence and fly away in the middle of a meal. But with Bird Buddy it’s a win-win situation for both. The birds enjoy their food at peace whereas we could get a sneak peak of them at our comfort zone.Easy to use:The bird buddy is simple to operate and maintain. It has a built-in battery to power the microphone and camera. The refilling option is very easy.Cool Add-ons:Bird Buddy comes up with cool add ons like solar roof , wall and fence mounts.The product has got more than 20 backers till June 2021. Hope this might bring back joy in our lives and enhance the food chain.

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