Interesting Kickstarter Products-1

Innovative Bird Feeder “True Innovation is coming up with a product that the customer didn’t even know they needed”Extinction of the Exclusives:Birds are the most lively and charming creatures existing on Mother Earth. They play a vital role in the food chain. Extinction of bird species is increasing at an […]

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Marketing Mix

In every business it is important to have an efficient marketing plan or strategy to promote their product, to engage more customers or to understand consumer behaviour, to upgrade their pricing strategy. For this in 1960s, an academic and marketer E. Jerome McCarthy proposed the idea of ‘marketing mix’. Marketing […]

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Deodorant market in India

When we think about personal care products, the image of a woman comes into our minds immediately. However, in the deodorant segment in India, men have overtaken the women with a significant lead. In fact, of the Rs 1,400-crore deodorant market, the male segment contributes Rs 1,000 crores, pegging the […]

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