Mental Health

About-Mental Health has to be one of the most important issue that whole world is facing right now, but you know who is silently facing it, yes they are so called cool teens. who always love to over exaggerate their life. They always love to compare their life with others,buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like, and ironically their parents who have raised them are complaining about their behavior.I think mental health is very much linked with your nature like whether you are introvert,extrovert.

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  • suppose,if you are extrovert you will not think that much about something like an introvert.
  • If you are introvert I think the whole problem lies their,they too good for this cruel world where everyone is thinking about themself. 

How to tackle Negativity

  • First of all if you want to change the world you need many sources such as money,power without money and power you can,t do anything over here so work day and night to get as much money as you can and then raise your voice against any injustice and in this process of having a aim you can keep yourself away from negativity.
  • Every much has got so much to say, but rarely they listen.
  • Listen to online video of famous motivational speaker.
  • And never compare your day-1 at something to somebody’s day-1000,you can’t compare your life to anybody,and for god-sake stop using social media and stop giving it that much importance,it will ruin you ,if you cannot handle it properly. 

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