Story Review-The Three Questions


Short story “The three question” is written by Leo Tolstoy, is a parable.
Theme of the story is wisdom, knowledge, awareness, kindness,
forgiveness and acceptance. It is a very motivational story to read I
would recommend to read it once.
The story revolves around a king who wants to find answers to his three
most important questions in life. He gathers many wise men of his
kingdom to answer his question but every one differs in their answer and
none of the answers satisfied king. So, he goes to a saint in search for
answers and got some of most important life lessons their.
The three questions were
What is the right time to begin something?
Which people should he listen to?
What is the most important thing for him to do?
I think the purpose of the story was to reminds people to be mindful and
live in the present as it is the only time we have any control over. And the
writer was very much successful in achieving that purpose.
Leo Tolstoy, always brings a story that people will probably like and
that’s why I am very thankful for him because he wrote us another good,
beautiful and interesting story. In this story Motive of life is explained
very wisely in just few pages.
Lesson learned-You should not go ask other people to decide for what
you are going to do because in the end it’s still you who will answer
everything, in the end it’s your decision.
In the story I can quite relate to the king because I often ask other people
before actually doing something which now I think is bad. It just shows
that you don’t believe in yourself. If there is one character here in this
story whom I am really love, it is the saint. I liked him for being full of
wisdom. I liked everything he answered. It really proved that elders are
really more experienced and logical about things in life; they are full of

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