Most popular programming languages in 2021

There many programming languages in this world written in many languages. Different companies uses different programming languages. What is actually a programming language ? A programming language is a set of commands, instructions and other syntaxes to computer to perform a specific task. In this blog, I am going to tell you the most popular and top programming languages in this world.


There is no doubt that python is the number one programming language. Python is powerful and easy language to learn. It is very easy to read and understand. Python is the trending programming language in the world. It is the favorite language for many beginners. Python is used in many trending subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning. It has great libraries like Numpy, PyTorch, Pandas which makes machine learning very easy. In python, you can easily find bug or error in your code. It is used for scientific and computational applications like FreeCad and Abacus. The popular websites like Google, Microsoft YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram use it. The average salary of python developer is $100,000.


JavaScript is thought to be the most consistent programming language, because it demand never goes off. You can use JavaScript to build web applications, desktop apps, mobile apps and many more. Millions of the websites in the internet depend on JavaScript. Giant tech companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Uber use JavaScript. JavaScript is best option for you along with HTML and CSS. The average salary of JavaScript developer is $84,000.


Java is a popular programming language since 2000’s. Java is a independent platform runs on a virtual machine(JVM). Just like python, java is also easy to learn. Java is fundamentally object-oriented. Those who want to learn android development, then java is right option for you. Java language is continuing creating new jobs in tech field. Giant companies like Google, Amazon and YouTube use java. Around 40 percent of developers use java. The average salary of java developer is $80,000.

4. C / C++

C language is considered to be the mother of all other programming languages. C is a perfect language for a beginner to learn. Comparing to the other languages c just have 32 keywords. Being one of the oldest programming language it demand hasn’t down yet. Around 23 percent of the developers use C language. Giant tech companies like Google, Apple, intel use C / C++. The average salary of a C / C++ developer is $78,000.


Kotlin is a open source and general purpose language. Within short period of time it gained full popularity. According to a survey Kotlin is one of the five most popular language. Kotlin is best language for android development. Kotlin is designed to interoperate fully with java and JVM version of Kotlin library. Around 60 percent of the android developers are using Kotlin. Some of the most popular apps that are built using Kotlin are Tinder, Square, Evernote. Giant tech companies that use Kotlin are Google, Amazon, Netflix and many more. The average salary of a Kotlin developer is $77,000.

All these are the most popular and top programming languages. If you like my work, please like it and rate it. Thank you.