A Discussion About Our Mobile Phones

A mobile phone, also known as a cell phone, is something that all of us are familiar with and own. When the mobile phone was initially introduced, it was used primarily for phone calls and messaging. Today, phones have a computing speed greater than even some larger technological devices like a computer or television, and are so technologically advanced that we do not have to bother with most physical actions that take up time and effort. All of it can be done through the phone and the internet available on it, whether it be banking, paying bills, ordering something, etc. Furthermore, we can stay connected through phones with friends and family on the other side of the globe, through means such as video calling and multimedia messaging. A world of social media has opened through the phone that helps us connect with people all over the planet. However, like every other device, the mobile phone also has its own disadvantages.

The Good and the Bad

Possibly the biggest advantage of the mobile phone is that it has helped us stay connected to the people in our lives. This has occurred not only in the form of voice calling, but now also through video calling and social media contacts. It makes day-to-day life so easy and efficient, and has a range of tools that are accessible to us. For example, we can check the weather, the route to our destination, and use a calculator; all on our phones. Furthermore, it is perhaps the biggest source of entertainment in today’s day and age, with a multitude of games and mass media all available on it. Apart from these, the access of internet through our phones has meant that we can perform all our functions and meet all our life’s requirements through this simple device. It acts as a source of a large amount of information about the world, access to things like YouTube and Twitter, and allows to conduct monetary transactions all through the touch of a finger. In this sense, it is an amazing multipurpose, all-in-one device which is a necessary in our lives.

However, the mobile phone can also be the source of distress and disadvantage in one’s life. People are prone to addiction to their mobile phones, and end up using them for hours on end. This means that there is a lack of real-life communication and interaction, as people get sucked into the online world of their phones. Perhaps the most pressing concern today, especially among teenagers, is social media addiction. People get addicted to social media which has wide-ranging effects on their personal health, both mental and physical. Mobile phones also may cause health hazards, as they emit blue light and radiation which can damage brain cells. Furthermore, the mobile phone has also been the primary cause for lack of privacy in today’s world, as all our personal information is available for everyone to see. It is easy to get pulled into the world inside our phones and waste countless hours of our time on it. The phones almost become our lives, and this means that losing our phones is almost equal to losing our lives.


The mobile phone is a fantastic and necessary invention, but we must keep in mind that it comes with its own curses. How the mobile phone affects our lives depends on how much importance we give to it and how much we use it. It is all about finding a middle-ground in such a case, where you are not addicted or living in in your phone, but also not completely neglecting it and how it can enrich your life and make it more convenient. Regardless of its shortcomings, it is impressive to see how far our society has come through the invention of the mobile phone. Now we have everything within the reach of our hands, and the mobile phone has brought about a revolution in the lives of people in this century.