Breif About Movie

Lakshya is a patriotic movie launched in 2004. The movie showcase how an aimless person who under the influence of his friend joined Army Academy. He ran away due to the frequent punishments he received there but returned with an aim of joining army. Due to his efforts in the Academy he joined the army where he led a team of 12 army officers and soldiers to a successful clash to defeat the Infiltrators and re acquire the territory occupied by them.

Goal Orientation

“Lakshya” as the name of the movie suggests the movie revolves around the value of having a goal in the life. Whether it be an individual, group, organisation all requires an aim to work upon. The protagonist of this film (Karan) was a lazy and aimless young man who has no goals for his future. He joined a Military Academy under the influence of his friend and as a result he ran away from the academy due to the punishments he had to face due to his undisciplined and lazy attitude. But after he firmly decided to join the army  he returns, takes his punishment, becomes a disciplined and focused officer cadet and eventually commissions into the Army. 

Believe in Yourself

To achieve a goal a person, need to have faith in himself/herself that  he/she can achieve the goal and is ready to face all the challenges and hurdles that act as a barrier in the same. The person should follow the policy that “ I can, and I will.”

When a person builds a believe in himself/herself then this believe acts as a self motivation which plays a crucial role in achieving the individual goals and the goals of the organisation with whom he/she is associated.

 In the movie the proctor along with other team members were able to climb a 1000-foot-high rock cliff of the mountain because of the determination and the self believe they proved that nothing is impossible.

The Belief Wheel – IABC Central Oklahoma

Team Spirit

A single person can’t achieve an organisational goal on his own. He requires the support , unity and co-ordination of all his team members whether it be his senior or sub-ordinates. All the efforts are worthless if the aim is not achieved. A single person can never be expert in all the fields and requires the knowledge and experience of other members to achieve the goal. This team spirit helps to raise new and innovative ideas to make the path of achieving goal effective and efficient. It also helps to improve the interpersonal relationships between the employees of an organisation which is crucial for best output from an employee.

Henri Fayol in one of his Principles Of Management i.e. in the Principle of “Esprit De Corps” defines  that an organization must make every effort to maintain group cohesion i.e. a feeling of unity in the organization. He adds that a conflict in the team member and division of team due to conflict is a serious issue and needs to be resolved at priority to achieve the objective of an organization. 

In the movie a team of 12 army officers and soldiers had a faith in each other and had a feeling of unity which helped them to defeat the infiltrators