1.Good Communications skills Communication can make or break your efforts to connect with your team, manage and coordinate initiatives, and build trust within your organization. Great pioneers speak with a worker first focal point. They communicate based on the needs and preferences of their team members and seek to listen […]

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Udaan is a Private start-up run by Hiveloop Technology Pvt. Ltd based in Bengaluru that was able to secure its space in unicorn club i.e. a Privately Held start-up valued at $1 billion or more. It is a B2B i.e. a Business to Business marketplace. It was founded in 2017 […]

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Leadership: Vision and Responsibility

Definition Leadership is the ability to motivate a group to focus on a particular goal to achieve it. In an organisation, managers have a right to do managerial task and not all managers have ability to lead effectively. Leader is an important person he can manage tasks as well as […]

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