The impact of Social Media Influencers on Publicity

In terms of marketing, publicity is the public visibility or awareness of a product, service for any organisation or business or company. It may also refer to the movement of information from its source to general public often (but not necessary) via the media. Here are some of the ways by which Influencers impact the publicity of a brand:

1) Building Awareness about the Brand:

Social Media Influencers on various social media platforms establish credibility in a particular industry (like fashion) and there is a huge gap between brands and their end users. Influencers try to bridge this gap as they take consumers through the “decision making phase” and thus help in creating a positive brand reputation.

2) Informing people about the product:

One of the main reasons why consumers trust influencers is that they relate with them on a personal level. Influencers know about the major everyday needs of an individual and hence they keep their followers “up-to- date” about latest trends regarding existing products, services or giving details about latest products.

3) Sponsor products in their profiles:

Sometimes social media influencers prefer fixed payments to feature the products of a brand or feature brands on their profile for a specific period of time or they may feature the products in their social media posts. This directly helps in general awareness of the brand.

4) Giving Prizes:

Social Media Contest is one of the most new ways that increases popularity of brands or product of brands. Business firms collaborate with social media influencers and it is the most cost effective technique to build awareness and general interest in brands. This is a typical strategy and it may require certain condition in exchange of prizes such as following the official page of the brand, tagging friends, liking posts and like.

These things directly help in increasing the online engagement and further increasing general interest in the brand.

Source: Januz Wielki.

The above graph is from a recent survey conducted in August 2020 and it shows that majority of respondents feel “transfer of information” about a product is the main thing they look when it comes to social media influencers.
Increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty are the next two elements that respondents look when it comes to social media influencers.

This acts as evidence that social media influencers are very impactful when it comes to promotion and publicity of a product or a service. In this modern era, where social media is the new “illusion” of people, social media influencers help in building and increasing brand awareness and thereby they assist in promotion and publicity. Good Marketing Managers would tap this opportunity of “social media influencer marketing” to enhance the audience reach of their business.