9 Health Benefits of Pilates

During these challenging times, taking care of mental and physical health is important. To attain a good balance of strength and flexibility, Pilates is a great exercise to add to your workout regime. If you are looking to tone your muscles and achieve an overall balance of mind and body, Pilates is your guide.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise for body strength, improving posture and general fitness. It emphasizes on core strength and forms are designed in a way to relieve body pain and aches.

It concentrates on balance, posture and flexibility. The chances getting injured are very less because it can be modified according to an individuals pace.

Mind and body concentration is tested when performing the movements. Complete focus is required on breathing and mind should work in the way body moves.

History of Pilates

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany. Originally it was called “Contrology”. He created an unique form of exercise program to help the injured soldiers of World War I in the UK. Such a program was designed because when a person comes across an injury, mental health is profoundly affected. He believed that mental and physical health are firmly connected. Later, he immigrated to the US and opened a Pilates studio in New York. Pilates is now one of the most popular exercises. Globally recommended by actors and fitness enthusiasts.

Benefits of Pilates

1. Weight loss –

Core conditioning through this exercise helps you achieve a flat stomach and toned waistline. With the help of Pilates, specific muscles can be targeted that need to be toned.

2. Improves flexibility –

Movements in Pilates are controlled and according to the pace the difficulty level is increased. Such a transition improves flexibility and strength without straining the muscles.

3. Boosts immunity –

Proper functioning of immune system is crucial for overall body functioning. Pilates improves blood circulation which is highly required for a good immune system.

4. Solid core strength –

A solid core is required to perform most of the exercises. Proper alignment of the body is essential to perform Pilates moves. This helps in maintaining a stable posture and fires up your core.

5. Improves Sleep –

In today’s world, everybody has a busy schedule. Hardly, anyone gets sleep due to increased work pressure and deadlines. Sleep is extremely important for mind and body. For better sleep, Pilates should be added to your daily schedule.

6. Relieves stress –

According to the studies, excessive stress results in compulsive eating, mental exhaustion and anxiety. To regulate your nervous system and reduce stress, regular Pilates is a safe option.

7. Improves Posture –

A workout is mainly about balance and proper alignment of the body. To perform such moves, strong core and back improves your strength, which in turn improves your posture.

8. Effective in easing body aches –

The sole purpose of designing such moves was to stabilize soldier’s injuries. Pilates is effective in relieving lower body pain or back pain. Further injuries can be prevented by concentrating on flexibility.

9. Improved concentration –

Mind and body concentration is must during Pilates. Your mind has to be aware of the movement of your body. Every move requires you to deeply concentrate on your breathing.

How to learn Pilates at home?

There are Pilates studios where you can be taught by certified instructors with mats and small equipments. Usually, it is taught in small groups or can also be taught one one one. Since, the current situation is critical, group classes can be avoided. One can learn Pilates at home. Videos and books are available online to guide you. You can subscribe on various streaming channels where you will find videos by well-trained and experienced instructors.

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