Population control bill in uttarpradesh

On World Population Day, Uttar Pradesh government announced a new population policy for 2021-2030 on Sunday. The new policy gives incentives to those who help in population control.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath wishes for a community-centric approach to be adopted for population control in uttarpradesh. So that better facilities can be made available to citizens and the state can be developed properly.

“Poverty and illiteracy are major factors for population expansion. There is also a lack of awareness about population in certain communities and we therefore need community-centric awareness efforts,” yogi Adityanath said in a statement.

Uttar Pradesh’s total fertility rate is 2.7 percent currently, it ideally should be less than 2.1 percent. Most states have achieved the ideal total fertility rate, except Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

With this policy, the government has come up with different strategies to work towards a convergence of existing schemes for population control and improvement in health of citizens.

New population policy is to reduce the newborns’ and maternal mortality rate.Care of the elderly, and better management of education, health, and nutrition of adolescents between 11 to 19 years has also been ensured in the policy, according to the state government.

The Uttar Pradesh government will give promotions, increments, concessions in housing schemes and others perks to employees who adhere to population control norms, and have two or less children. If people won’t obey this policy then they will not get any benefits from government, like jobs,ration,etc.